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Re: [PPLetterpress] No ink on plates

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  • Katie Harper
    Good for you, Shelly! You¹ll find that as a printer you become very creative in finding solutions so such problems as these, and thank you for sharing. I for
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 3, 2005
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      Good for you, Shelly!

      You¹ll find that as a printer you become very creative in finding solutions
      so such problems as these, and thank you for sharing. I for one had no idea
      that you needed to raise your rails quite so high. Like many of the
      responders to your post, I was thinking of a very small thickness, such as
      the thickness of a piece of masking tape. If your magnetic strips were about
      1/8², and you had to use two of them, you must have needed something like
      1/4² of adjustment, which is way out. Sounds like your roller trucks are
      wrong, or your rollers are too large in diameter. I suggest you might check
      with NA Graphics to get the right ones.

      In any case, congrats on your solution!

      Katie Harper
      Ars Brevis Press

      on 3/3/05 12:46 AM, Shelly Monte at thebookcenter@... wrote:

      > Hi there, it¹s Shelly again. After some attempts to mentally accept the
      > suggestions to raise the rollers or raise the rails, using tape or other
      > such things, I luckily happened on a very nice solution. I admit a love for
      > this old machine and would like to keep it looking really pretty. Anyway, I
      > was in the shop and found a few long strips of magnetic material. They had
      > been used to mount a sign on something years ago. I cleaned them off, cut
      > them to a length and width to match the same measurement as the rails, and
      > let them hold themselves in place. It took two strips of this magnetic
      > material on each side to reach the desired height. The strips are about
      > 1/8² thick or so. There was a tiny bit of creeping after a long job run. I
      > didn¹t have to stop during the printing to adjust anything. So I would say
      > that the solution worked quite well. To make it real sure proof, I could
      > put some double adhesive down, and I¹m sure they wouldn¹t move at all .
      > There was absolutely no ink on the base or where it should not be on the
      > plate. The real happy ending is that you would never even notice anything
      > being makeshift if you were to closely observe the press. The metal
      > magnetic strips blend right in on the press. I think that for me the focus
      > to raise the rails made a bit more sense than to raise the rollers. The
      > only reason why I thought that was because the rails move less than the
      > rollers and I assumed they would have less friction and less trouble to find
      > a solution. Anyway, thanks for all of the suggestions and support.
      > A Happy Printing Day,
      > Shelly
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