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Re: [PPLetterpress] Fiberless cleaning cloths

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  • Farida Bee
    I am sending this post on behalf of the student who brought in samples of the TechniCloth.
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 13, 2005
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      I am sending this post on behalf of the student who
      brought in samples of the TechniCloth.

      Here's a reply to the clean room wipes question...

      I'm a hack when it comes to PPL, but I try to apply
      some of my spacecraft experience when I can. When I
      recommended the TechniCloth wipes, I assumed
      they were for general press cleaning. I think they
      would be good for cleaning of the bed, ways,
      cylinders, etc., without generating many particles. I
      didn't realize that what my classmates were looking
      for was a wipe that could be used to clean
      photopolymer plates. For this, I wouldn't
      recommend the TechniCloth, but rather a 100% polyester
      double-knit wipe that we use in our Class 100 clean
      rooms: Alpha 10 Wipers. These wipes,
      while less absorbent, will not shed particles even
      when brushed against the relief surfaces of the
      photopolymer plate. We tend to use these even if we
      are in Class 100,000 clean rooms. But it looks like
      they can be expensive, so I'll look to see if
      there is some middle ground that is better than the
      TechniCloth, but less expensive than the Alpha 10.

      Here's the link to Alpha 10 wipes:


      --- Gerald Lange <bieler@...> wrote:

      > One of my students brought samples of these in and
      > another found this
      > supplier link
      > http://empiresafety.com/cleanroom_wipers.html
      > One of the problems I have been looking for a way
      > around is the
      > accumulation of "matter" in the shallow relief of
      > photopolymer plates.
      > Especially when working with halftones or highly
      > exposed line work
      > where the "matter" can, during sustained edition
      > runs, gradually build
      > up and become part of the printed image. Sometimes a
      > nice effect, but
      > not if you are trying to avoid it. While paper lint
      > and ink contribute
      > to this, so can cleaning materials. I normally use
      > tight weave
      > surgical sheeting on typographic surfaces but these
      > lintless cloths
      > look like they will work even better. Hey, JPL uses
      > this stuff!
      > Gerald

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