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R: [PPLetterpress] Iron handpress work

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  • Alessandro Zanella
    Dear Erick, your platen size is very large, the same as my Stanhope. Even with a very strong metal structure of the platen it is difficult to keep the pressure
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 21, 2002
      Dear Erick,

      your platen size is very large, the same as my Stanhope.
      Even with a very strong metal structure of the platen it is difficult to
      keep the pressure even in all that surface expecially at the border.

      On a handpress:
      Using one magnetic block is convenient if you are printing with just one
      plate (let's say in-folio, or in-quaro, if your platemaker is large enough
      to process a very large plate). Registration pins will not be useful, you'll
      need other registration sistem. Also you have to find where your beares will
      stay for inking the plate.

      If printing two separate plates, it is more convenient to use two separate
      magnetic blocks, or [best?] alluminum blocks (those used for zinc plates),
      so that you can easily move them in the bed of the press and also bearers
      will seat at each side of the printing matter.

      Hand inking and registration is the main point using photopolymer plates and
      magnetic blocks.
      The best would be, I think, to get several sizes of magnetic bolcks in order
      to cover all the different needs you will face imposing the plates in the
      press. Unfortunatly I can not efford it yet.

      Ciao, Alessandro

      Alessandro Zanella
      località Santa Lucia 21
      37067 Valeggio sul Mincio
      Verona Italia

      045 633 70 55 ph. fax



      >Da: "Erik Desmyter" <erik.desmyter@...>
      >A: <PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com>
      >Oggetto: Re: [PPLetterpress] Iron handpress work
      >Data: Dom, 20 gen 2002 13:50

      > My largest Albion iron handpress has a platen size of 87cm x 62cm (34"x 24")
      > and for a possible future project I would like to try to print blocks or
      > plates up to 59cm x 46cm (23"x18") on 67cm x 51cm (26"x20") dampened
      > handmade paper.
      > Somebody on this list has tried such sizes on a traditional iron handpress
      > before?
      > Are there good reasons to work with magnetic bases on traditional iron
      > handpresses?
      > Any recommendations?
      > Erik Desmyter
      > Ghent, Belgium
      > erik.desmyter@...
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      > From: "David Goodrich" <davidgoodrich@...>
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      > Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2002 5:32 AM
      > Subject: RE: [PPLetterpress] Iron handpress work
      >> Gerald,
      >> I brought this up back in December but haven't followed through yet. I
      > have
      >> ordered some 1/2 inch wide strips of metal-backed polymer to use as
      > bearers
      >> which I would position on the magnetic backing outside the printing area.
      > I
      >> agree with Alessandro that have a new set of bearers incorporated into
      > every
      >> plate would really add up. I will let the group know my experience once
      >> completed.
      >> David.
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