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Re: Biblio-histories

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  • Paul W. Romaine
    Kyle, In some ways, it s not an obvious question. When I first saw the biblio-history coinage, I thought it was a typo for Biblio-mysteries (mysteries
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 5, 2004
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      In some ways, it's not an obvious question. When I first saw the
      "biblio-history" coinage, I thought it was a typo for Biblio-mysteries
      (mysteries relating to books, booksellers, libraries, etc.). There are many
      books and glossaries on books, book collecting, the history of books and
      book collecting, and libraries. I tend to think of them as distinct areas.
      I suppose the word fills (or rather bridges) a gap between these areas.

      Nick Basbanes's three books (_A Gentle Madness_, _A Splendor of Letters_,
      and _Patience & Fortitude_) are characterized as "Bibliohistory" (check
      Google: the only citations of the word "biblio-history" are to Basbanes;
      see <www.nicholasbasbanes.com>). They're also good reads, and bring
      together a lot of old ideas with more recent developments in collecting. I
      think his story of the "Garden" sale at Sothebys is masterly in _Madness_.

      On the web, there are a number of quite good places:

      Dan Traister's website at Penn is one of the oldest and most interesting
      (However, the site is getting a bit dated, and some links are out of date
      or no longer work.)

      Jack Lynch's Literary Resources — Bibliography and History of the Book
      emphasizes online resources

      University of Delaware Library's Book Collecting and Book Buying

      And if you want a quick best-of-the-best, there's the reading list for Rare
      Book School's class on book collecting, taught by Terry Belanger and
      William Barlow:

      You'll probably get more scholarly responses than this one from Exlibris,
      the rare books listserv.

      All best

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      > This may be an obvious one, but has anyone written a history or
      comprehensive study of "biblio-histories."
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