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Re: heavy ink coverage problem

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  • Gerald Lange
    John The metaphor threw me at first but I guess I pretty much agree. I offer a certain kind of service. Period. I m not interested in printing or typographic
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 16, 2004

      The metaphor threw me at first but I guess I pretty much agree. I offer a certain kind of service. Period. I'm not interested in printing or typographic design or whatever just for the money. I guess that might be easier to say from the perspective of having done this for some time. But I'm not sure that should matter. Guess it depends. I sort of have the luxury of thinking, do I like this project? is it challenging? will I learn something here? Not that I don't need the rent money, just that I've gone without it being on time for so long that I realize that is not really the most important thing about all this. Not that I fully understand what is the most important thing about all this. Other folks have more defined rationale. I just like getting up in the morning and working at something I know how to do, can do it well, and kind of get a kick out of it all. And, of course, somehow, it pays the rent.


      > D.A.R.E. for printers? D.A.R.E. is a program for teaching kids to say
      > no to drugs. The program tries to help the person define who they are
      > and then assert that conviction. People (friends, customers etc.) bring
      > us their printing jobs, probably first because they like us and want to
      > work with us on a project (not because we are the best printer for the
      > job). This is where the D.A.R.E. program comes in, we must first define
      > what kind of printer we are based on our interests and the capabilites
      > of the equipment we choose to operate. From this vantage point we can
      > then view the offered work and choose to print if it fits or dare to
      > say no if the end product is not appropriate for our work flow. I think
      > of saying no to a job, as also saying yes to a future job, that will
      > surly come and I will have time to do because I am not bogged down
      > doing inappropriate work.
      > John Sullivan
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      > On Monday, June 14, 2004, at 05:47 AM, Harold Kyle wrote:
      > > On 6/14/04 1:52 AM, "Printer" <dep.letterpress@e...> wrote:
      > > > I have heard stories of printers
      > > > who will print this kind of thing offset, then hit it blind on the
      > > > letterpress to create the impression that is desired.
      > >
      > > I tried this once a while ago. My shop's climate at the time was very
      > > different than the climate of the offset shop I used. I couldn't hold
      > > register because the sheet expanded about 3/32 of an inch on the 14
      > > inch
      > > side (the sheet was short grain legal size) when I brought it to my
      > > shop.
      > > What a nightmare. If you can monitor your climate or if your register
      > > is
      > > unimportant this may work--otherwise you might be in for a similar
      > > surprise.
      > >
      > > Solids with small reverse text are difficult by letterpress. Can it
      > > ever
      > > look as even or as crisp as offset would? If I were in this
      situation I
      > > would try running only slightly heavy on ink and adding tack reducer,
      > > double
      > > rolling the ink before heavy impression--and maybe send the sheet
      > > through the press.
      > >
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