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  • Regis Graden
    To Michael Babcock: Amen! to your statement. there is nothing to compare to . As is a trained eye for quality is necessary in most of the fine printing art.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2004
      To Michael Babcock:

      Amen! to your statement. "there is nothing to compare to". As is a trained
      eye for quality is necessary in most of the fine printing art.

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      Subject: [PPLetterpress] Re: Weiß

      Gerald, again, no blame of digital per se, but of the digitizers.

      and thanks Bryan for your considered thoughts...

      since i've owned and been using Fontographer from the time Altsys was
      marketing it, i suppose you can say i've worked the tools.

      in fact, among many other smaller tasks, i digitized Trajanus Antiqua about
      eight years ago when a thorough search found no available digital version.
      Linotype has since released a version that included the italic which i had
      set about cleaning in illustrator but had yet to copy into Fontographer.
      check that off the to-do list.

      BUT, i would say that i have zero time and even less inclination to take the
      time to rectify the gross injustice done to Weiss Italic. mind you, it's not
      just a few subtle inaccuracies that could be lived with. the entire set of
      caps is completely wrong.

      that said, i don't plan to print from the digital. i just purchased very
      clean and full cases in the series from 14 - 36pt (36 being the largest
      available.) my need simply stems from a desire (initially) to set a quick
      specimen for a popup on my home page. certainly can't justify doing the work
      Adobe, et al. should have done when they were at it. after that, the digital
      version would simply be used for layout, and MAYBE for setting at smaller

      perhaps when Kerry is in office the $/€ exchange will be a bit more
      favourable and i can complete the run with an order from Bauer.

      so no, for me, digital is generally not an end but a means to communicating
      the look of the end. using the _best_ of both worlds.

      finally, my caveat, as it wasn't clear, is simply, you dear folk who rely on

      digital as the be all and end all ought to be aware that what has been sold
      to you as 'red' is in fact 'green'. if you haven't a sample of the real
      'red', you'll never know. and that's a shame and an affront since the
      'green' is labeled and marketed WORLD WIDE as something it is not.

      ignorance is bliss.

      best, m | interrobang

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