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Re: [PPLetterpress] inks

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  • Fritz Klinke
    Harry--The minimum order is $10.00, so no problem here. We have other oil inks, which are all letterpress based formulas, it s just that the Hostmann-Steinberg
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 8, 2001
      Harry--The minimum order is $10.00, so no problem here. We have other oil
      inks, which are all letterpress based formulas, it's just that the
      Hostmann-Steinberg is by comparison a superior ink. Our regular job black
      works fine for most ordinary work, and once in a while, a gloss black is
      desirable, which the H-S ink is not.

      Our latest catalog is dated 1999, and prices have been changed mostly. We
      have added the Bunting magnetic bases for photopolymer, at good prices, and
      have been recasting ATF type--Garamond, Bulmer, Goudy Oldstyle, Engravers
      Roman. The Vandercook list in the catalog is just the surface of what we
      have, and since we have the Vandercook blueprint file, we furnish parts all
      the time made to special order. And we can find almost everything else.

      I'll just go ahead and process this order and pay from the invoice which
      will be included with the package, usually in the plastic envelope that has
      the UPS shipping label. My business partner went to UCSB, (and graduated
      from UC Davis) so he'll be happy to hear his old school is buying something.


      Fritz Klinke, NA Graphics
      1314 Greene Street, P.O. Box 467
      Silverton, Colorado 81433 USA
      970-387-0212, fax 970-387-0127

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      From: "Harry Reese" <reese@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2001 3:55 PM
      Subject: Re: [PPLetterpress] inks

      > Dear Fritz,
      > I would like to buy (at least) three of these one pound cans of
      > Hostmann-Steinberg dense matte black inks. Do you have a minimum order?
      > I have purchased from your company as both an individual (Turkey Press)
      and from
      > my institution (Department of Art Studio, University of California, Santa
      > Barbara) but it may be best if I just sent a check in advance or gave you
      > credit card number. I'll follow whatever payment method you recommend.
      > Do you carry any other inks?
      > We have a few hand-outs from NA Graphics, but not much appears to be
      > Since we have Vandercooks at home and at the UCSB campus, I'd like to know
      > much as I can about what you have around or in stock.
      > Many thanks.
      > Harry Reese
      > Quoting Fritz Klinke <nagraph@...>:
      > > We stock the Hostmann-Steinberg dense matte black. We were alerted to
      > > ink by Steve Heaver, and work with HS to provide the ink in one pound
      > > at $17.75 a can.
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