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Re: Koch Memorial Site

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  • Paul W Romaine
    Gerald, This is a very attractive site in German. For non-German speakers, AltaVista s Babelfish translator (http://world.altavista.com/) can help (enter the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 13, 2004

      This is a very attractive site in German. For non-German speakers,
      AltaVista's "Babelfish" translator (http://world.altavista.com/) can
      help (enter the URL on the page), and you can continue clicking
      through for additional pages to be translated on-the-fly by Babelfish.
      However, the automated machine translation is often quite rough (MS
      Windows users once amused themselves by translating error messages
      from English to French or German or Japanese and then back to
      English.) The Babelfish translation of the Koch interview proves
      interesting, if rough: this sample below can perhaps the flavor to you
      give. (Yikes)

      [Q:] When did you decide to give your independence up and to make the
      letter the occupation?

      [A:] By co-operation with clients and printering me had become
      conscious, which meant community and connection in the writing nature.
      The cooperation in a large enterprise seemed to me for my further
      development essential.

      1905 looked for the Rudhard foundry an educated, art-intimate
      gentleman for the support of the boss with the examination of
      novelties, a kind artistic adviser. I applied with the words "from
      inclination employ I for years with the study of old writings" and
      adjusted myself. In the weeks before the beginning of work I was
      concerned with the practical technology of setting and printing. God
      may forgive mir's, what I set in all the years before at works into
      the world!

      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Gerald Lange" <bieler@w...>
      > Interesting site on Rudolf Koch, with many links, and a couple of
      > pages of downloads of fonts created by several of the major players
      > the free font movement.
      > http://moorstation.org/Koch_Memorial/links.htm
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