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G'day new to this list

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  • Milton J. Watkins
    G day all, I m not sure how many letpress people are also on this list but this info is for the people who haven t heard of me before, my name is Milton
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2004
      G'day all,

      I'm not sure how many letpress people are also on this list but this
      info is for the people who haven't heard of me before, my name is Milton
      Watkins and I run my own business here in Ballarat Australia called
      Ballarat Bookbinding and Specialist Printing, my main line of work is
      the restoration of all types of books and leather custom bindings, my
      hobby is collecting printing equipment and now and then using it to
      print wedding invites and flyers and the like, you are more than welcome
      to visit my website www.bookbinding.com.au
      <http://www.bookbinding.com.au/> it has not been updated for about 18
      months so forgive me for this, but it will give you a basic rundown
      about myself and some of the items in my collection.
      Currently I am working on setting up a working museum, I already have a
      1857 Albion Iron Hand Press, Three C&P hand fed platens, two new style
      and one old style, and two Heidelberg Platens, A camera and a plate
      maker to make my own polymer plates ( which has been used quite a bit
      ), Two Hamilton Cabinets of foundry type including two draws of borders
      and motifs, five Ludlows castors and thirteen Cabinets of mats for the
      Ludlow's, two Intertypes and one Linotype, a vico machine for raised
      printing, lead saw and other cutters and tools and so on.
      By trade I am a professional Bookbinder but only a novice in the
      printing game, that is why I joined the list, one day I would like to do
      some limited edition prints using wood type that I have and my Albion,
      so I am sure there is plenty of people out there can advise me on some
      of the finer points of letterpress printing.
      Thanks for your time reading this.


      Milton Watkins.

      Ballarat Bookbinding & Specialist Printing
      312 Albert Street, Sebastopol, Victoria,
      Australia, 3356.
      Ph/Fax: +61 3 5336 0057
      Mobile: 0438 876 467
      Email: ballarat@...
      Website: www.bookbinding.com.au

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