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VAN: Vandercook website news

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  • Mark Wilden
    Having been re-energized by Fritz s talk in SF, I ve done a lot of work on the Vandercook information website recently (http://mwilden.com/vandercook/). Here
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2004
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      Having been re-energized by Fritz's talk in SF, I've done a lot of work on
      the Vandercook information website recently
      (http://mwilden.com/vandercook/). Here are some highlights:

      The site currently lists 90 distinct models of Vandercook proof presses - 62
      of them with pix and stats. There probably aren't too many more. Check out
      the wacky RO4-29! (http://mwilden.com/vandercook/#ro4-29)

      Hal Sterne loaned me some priceless original catalogs, from which I was able
      to take nice sharp scans. I've incorporated other material contributed by
      (in order of thickness) Eric Holub, Gerald Lange and Fritz Klinke. David S.
      Rose allowed me to reprint his very useful Vandercook lock-up article, from
      Letpress. My appreciation goes to them and to anyone I may have forgotten at
      the moment.

      The site includes a picture of the founder, Robert O. Vandercook,
      contributed by his great-grandson
      (http://mwilden.com/vandercook/roberto.htm). His great-granddaughter has
      also contacted me. That was pretty cool. :)

      Eric gave me a whole whomp-load of material at the SF gathering - that's the
      next thing to incorporate. Thank you to everyone who's encouraged the
      project! I'm glad to have found this little niche to which to contribute.
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