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Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: moving 8"x11" c&p

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  • arizonaprinter
    My advice being an equipment mover is to first bolt it to 4 x 4 s using large lag bolts and round the corners on the end of the 4 x 4 s. Make sure the bottoms
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 7, 2004
      My advice being an equipment mover is to first bolt it to 4 x 4's using
      large lag bolts and round the corners on the end of the 4 x 4's. Make sure
      the bottoms are smooth. Also invest in some Schedule 40 "Thick Wall" Gas
      Pipe (available at you local home repair center) cut around 40" long and
      roll the press this way. you will need 4 lengths of tubes. We have moved
      large cylinders in tight spots this way. as far as going down stairs I
      would recommend a cable cum-a-long as opposed to a rope. Also some dish
      soap will help it go down the stairs. (it is cleaner that oil which works a
      little better) get a large 5' + Crow Bar to help guide it down with
      leverage. Do not dismantle the press unless it is absolutely mandatory the
      fly wheel is probably rusted or fused on the shaft very well. Plus the
      shaft is the same length with or with out the flywheel. A lift gate truck
      should work well for moving the press.

      From: "iranewlander" <iraleenewlander@...>
      Reply-To: PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 22:12:00 -0000
      To: PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [PPLetterpress] Re: moving 8"x11" c&p

      Brian, if I had a C&P, this is what I'd probably do because I tend to
      overdesign things like this.
      From a few sources, I have learned that there are hols on the C&P
      feet for bolts. Apparently others moving them have found that
      affixing the press (I can't offer advice on what to remove) to a
      pallet and then plan on moving that. If you think three guys would
      be enough, have 6 or 7. If you think a rope is enough, double the
      thickness and have plenty.
      If you can arrange either a block and tackle or the kind of little
      crane used to remove engines from trucks, you might consider having
      one nearby to assist or serve as back up for the lift gate on the
      When in doubt, use more. Those puppies don't grow on trees.
      Sorry to expound on something as to which I have no real information,
      but I felt the need to participate after lurking for a while.
      Just remember, analyze, process, cogitate, and worry. Repeat as
      necessary and you'll be fine!

      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Molanphy"
      <bmolanphy@c...> wrote:
      > i'm looking for moving advice. i would like to disassemble the c&p
      > (manufactured 1895) as little as possible for transit.
      > 1) at least the flywheel and the other wheel (which was attached to
      > motor, motor since removed) must come off. but the pin holding the
      > flywheel is shorn and squashed. not sure how to remove it. the pin
      is on
      > the outside of the wheel. any ideas?
      > 2) are there other parts that should be removed?
      > 3) the press is bolted to two 2'x4's. what is the best way to move
      > bulk of the press? a pallet jack? it has to go through a 34"
      doorway to
      > get out.
      > 4) can we use a lift gate on the back of a truck or is this too much
      > weight?
      > 5) it goes down a half-flight of stairs to its new home. will a
      > winch be required to lower it, or will a few guys with a rope
      > thanks, brian

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