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Rob Roy Kelly - News Release

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  • michael babcock|interrobang
    cross posting after reading the post late last week on Rob Roy Kelly s passing i did some digging around on the net. not sure if this is what the NYTimes has
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2004
      cross posting

      after reading the post late last week on Rob Roy Kelly's passing i did some
      digging around on the 'net.

      not sure if this is what the NYTimes has for an obit, but I received this
      from Kelly's wife Mary Helen with permission to post it here.

      if you would like to send a message to Mary Helen Kelly, you can email her
      at robroykelly@...

      best, m | interrobang




      For information, call: Mary Helen Kelly, 480-990-8411
      Or Shaun Kelly, 480-948-0014, designlin.shaun@...

      Roy Roy Kelly, 78, Professor Emeritus of Graphic Design at Arizona State
      University died from cardio-pulmonary failure on January 23, at his home in
      Tempe, Arizona. He had a long and distinguished career as a Graphic Design
      educator and was instrumental in establishing professional Graphic Design
      programs at The Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Kansas City Art Institute,
      Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and Arizona State University,

      Concurrent with teaching, Professor Kelly carried on a professional
      practice, and had a lively interest in research and writing. While in
      Minneapolis, he did design work for Walker Art Center and The Gutherie
      Theatre. In Pittsburgh, he was staff designer at The Hunt Institute for
      Botanical Documentation, and in Kansas City he directed development of a
      city identity system and seal. Likewise, at Arizona State University he
      supervised student work in developing the logo for the City of Tempe, and a
      signage system for the Phoenix Children¹s Zoo.

      He devoted thirteen years to the collection of American wood type and wrote
      the definitive text on the subject, American Wood Types: 1828-1900,
      published in 1969. Similarly, he collected American cast-iron trivets and
      stands collaborating with The Shelburne Museum and fellow collector, James
      Ellwood, to publish a 1990 comprehensive book. Professor Kelly had a
      life-long interest in antiques. He collected and documented over 1,500
      kitchen tinware, cast-iron, ceramic, glass, wood and wire vessels and tools,
      manufactured between 1870 and 1930. These artifacts were donated to The
      Arizona Historical Society Museum in Tempe, as a study collection. Memorial
      contributions would be welcome to support cataloging, photographing and
      completing an educational website of The Kelly Kitchenware Collection.
      Address checks to The Arizona Historical Society Museum, Note: Kelly
      Kitchenware Collection, 1300 N. College Ave., Tempe, AZ 85281. Professor
      Kelly also donated his wood type for a study resource at the University of

      In 2001, a website, titled Everything is a Work in Progress, was developed
      to present Professor Kelly¹s collected writings on Graphic Design education.
      This project was done by graduate students in conjunction with the donation
      of Kelly¹s papers to Rochester Institute of Technology, where the
      publication of a book is in progress. Professor Kelly¹s association with
      RIT began in 1974, when he was awarded a one-year appointment as The Kern
      Institute Professor for Communications. As a memorial to Professor Kelly,
      contributions are being accepted for organization of these archival
      materials, refinement of the website, and preparation of the book
      manuscript. Address checks to: The Rob Roy Kelly Legacy Fund, Development
      Office, Rochester Institute of Technology, 116 Lomb Memorial Drive,
      Rochester, NY 14623.

      The achievements of which Professor Kelly was most proud were those of his
      former students and colleagues whom he mentored. Many of his students
      studied at his Alma Mater, Yale University, in the Graphic Design program
      where Mr. Kelly was one of its first graduates. Rob Roy Kelly attended the
      University of Nebraska and received the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from
      The Minneapolis Institute of Art in 1951. He earned a Master of Fine Arts
      degree from Yale University in 1955. Later he was awarded an honorary Doctor
      of Fine Arts from The Minneapolis Institute of Art. In 1989, he was the
      first recipient of the Master Teacher Award from the Graphic Design
      Educators Association, and in 1983 the Minnesota Graphic Design Association
      honored him with a Design for Society Award. During World War II, he served
      in the United States Marine Corp.

      He is survived by his wife, Mary Helen Prine Kelly, and his former spouse
      Cherry Barthel of Kansas City, who is the mother of his four surviving
      children, three sons, Rob Roy B. Kelly of Mankato, MN, Denri Kelly and Troy
      Kelly of Kansas City, MO, and a daughter, Shaun Kelly, of Scottsdale, AZ.
      His brother, Max Kelly, resides in Prescott Valley, AZ; and his son, a
      nephew, Michael Kelly, lives in California. A sister, Ruth Kelly, preceded
      him in death. There are four grandchildren, Nathan Paul Kelly, son of Denri
      Kelly, and Lauren Kelly, daughter of Troy Kelly. The eldest son, Rob Roy B.
      Kelly, is the father of grandson, R.J. Kelly, and granddaughter, Anne Kelly
      (Busick), who is the mother of a great granddaughter, Mckayla. Shaun Kelly
      follows in the footsteps of her illustrious father. Having graduated from
      the Graphic Design program at Carnegie-Mellon University, she is a design
      professional with the firm DesignLin Advertising of Scottsdale.
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