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Notice to PPL Membership - January

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  • Gerald Lange
    PPLetterpress is a forum and clearinghouse on studio-letterpress. The focus includes printing with digital type and the photopolymer plate process and other
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2004
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      PPLetterpress is a forum and clearinghouse on studio-letterpress. The
      focus includes printing with digital type and the photopolymer plate
      process and other investigative and exploratory printing and
      typographic techniques, as well as historical practices. PPLetterpress
      serves as both a discussion list and reference site with comprehensive
      links and other resources on photopolymer, type and typography, and
      experimental and traditional processes.

      Founded: August 14, 2001. Current Membership: 436

      Information On Site Access:

      Reference sources can be found on site at Links (URLs), Database
      (tables), Files (documents), Messages (archives), Photos (image
      files), and Polls. Members are encouraged to add to the resources of
      the site.

      To log on to the group site, go to

      A Yahoo ID and password are required to access the group site.
      Registration is required for these services. Yahoo provides privacy
      options as part of the registration process. Note: your e-mail address
      cannot be fully discerned in the membership listing, however, it will
      be revealed on any posts you make to the list. Read the Terms of
      Service if you have further concerns.

      To sign up for a Yahoo ID contact the group owner at
      and ask for a Profile Request (which will be sent via e-mail) or go here

      Click on the "Sign Up Now! button. List your subscribed e-mail address
      as the primary alternate address on the ID, verify it through Account
      Info, then go to your MyGroups page and click on the "Membership
      Wizard" link to attach your group subscription to your ID. This
      provides access to the site.

      Note: Many membership account functions are accessible via e-mail

      PPLetterpress-subscribe@yahoogroups.com - Subscribe to the list

      PPLetterpress-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com - Unsubscribe from the list

      PPLetterpress-normal@yahoogroups.com - Switch your subscription to
      receipt of individual posts

      PPLetterpress-digest@yahoogroups.com - Switch your subscription to digest

      PPLetterpress-nomail@yahoogroups.com - Switch your subscription to
      nomail (useful if you want to have access to the site but do not want
      to receive postings). If you are going on vacation and do not want to
      have your mailbox overfill - which will result in your list mail being
      returned to Yahoo and disruption of your membership - use this setting).

      PPLetterpress-owner@yahoogroups.com - Sends a message to the list owner

      PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com - To post or send mail to the list

      To edit your group membership preferences online go to

      To edit all your group memberships, access your account, etc., go to
      your MyGroups page at

      E-mail Address Information:

      Please be aware that changes in your e-mail address or your mail
      server can result in disruption of posts received from the group. If
      Yahoo detects a malfunctioning e-mail address it may stop sending you
      postings and may remove you from the primary list. Yahoo will put
      offenders on a temporary bouncing list. We will submit reactivation
      requests for a limited time and Yahoo will attempt to re-contact you.
      If, however, there has been no response from you after a number of
      attempts to reactivate your membership, we will eventually delete you
      from the group.

      If you need to change your e-mail address go to your MyGroups page at

      If you need to put your mail on hold, you can do so by with the
      following e-mail command

      Netiquette And Other List Matters:

      The Yahoo TOS (Terms of Service) forbids commercial use of group
      sites. Please do not conduct business transactions via posting. If you
      have a product or service for sale you may certainly announce this but
      please try to do so in informational terms only.

      Please do not post group-related problems to the membership. Instead,
      and we will do our best to help you.

      Please do not use HTML or "enhanced text format" when posting. There
      are a number of reasons for this but primarily it is discouraged here
      as it allows the host (Yahoo) to attach those annoying visual ads to
      the recipient's mail.

      Please make sure your postings fit the scope of this group site (as
      indicated in the group description) and are appropriate. The
      moderators will not hesitate to remove unsubstantial postings such as
      blank replies, duplicates, "me toos", spam, junkmail, unsubscribes,
      unverified virus warnings, and the like. Please do not post virulent
      personal attacks against another member or messages intended to
      disrupt the group. Offenders will be subject to removal from the
      group. Off topic run-away threads or similar disrupution may result in
      the imposition of a moderated cool-down period.

      Please consider your fellow group members when posting. Stay on topic
      and avoid posting personal replies to the entire group. If you are
      replying to a post please remove all unnecessary commentary and
      remnants of previous posts to the thread.

      Gerald Lange, Founder and Co-Moderator
      Paul Romaine, Co-Moderator
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