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Re: [PPLetterpress] buying metal type

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  • Fritz Klinke
    I didn t respond sooner because I just got back from California, and actually saw the list from Kent when I spent an afternoon at M&H. Theo s Barth casters go
    Message 1 of 15 , Dec 30, 2003
      I didn't respond sooner because I just got back from California, and actually
      saw the list from Kent when I spent an afternoon at M&H. Theo's Barth casters go
      only to 24 pt, plus the 72 pt machine he has on loan from Greg, for a total of
      16 machines, I believe. The larger sizes of Garamond can be cast on a
      supercaster, and Dan Carr, who owns the ATF Garamond mats, has successfully cast
      some of the larger sizes. But, he is not set up to do this on a commercial
      basis. Franklin Gothic mats are gone, but we may have some of what Kent wants.
      Another source is used type from several of the dealers. I toured Jim Heagy's
      warehouse in San Francisco and he has considerable tonnage in what appears to be
      some good looking type, but I doubt he has an inventory of the hundreds of cases
      he has. Churchman is another source, as well as Don Black, and I think Phil has
      listed some type recently, but maybe not what Kent is after.

      Theo does have 2 pivotal casters, and he has molds for the various point sizes.
      These are hand operated machines, one character at a time, so they see
      infrequent use, and normally only for special characters or when something won't
      cast on a Barth--an example being the wide set width W and M in 24 pt Engravers
      Roman I had Theo cast, and those 2 characters had to be done on a pivotal. Theo
      needs a young, strong apprentice who could learn to use the pivotal, and we
      could have more of the larger sizes available. But what a lot of very hard
      physical work.


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      American Type Founders Company had about one hundred
      Barth casting machines. Theo Rehak at the Dale Guild in
      New Jersey has about twenty of them. The remainder were
      sold at auction, mostly to scrap metal dealers. Greg Walters
      in Ohio bought a few to save.

      The Barth caster is not adjustable to different body sizes as
      Monotype and Thompson casters are. Each machine is set
      for a specific point size. ATF also had mats with varying
      depth of drive, with a specific Barth caster to match. Most
      of ATF's mats (about 75%) were bought by scrap metal dealers.

      So even if the mats still exist, the specific caster may not
      exist anymore. It is my understanding that, with the exception
      of a 72-point machine on loan from Greg, Theo has no Barth
      casters larger than 30 point, so casting 48 pt ATF Garamond
      is out of the question.

      (For details of the auction at ATF, I have copies of Greg
      Walters' book "Auction of the Century" available for $55 plus
      $4 postage. Hardbound and printed letterpress.)

      --Phillip Driscoll

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      > Kent,
      > Times Roman was an English Monotype face. ATF did not make it. Since M&H
      > is a monotype operation (i.e. their fonts are simply alphabets set on a
      > monotype machine) their mats should match. They should be able to adjust
      > the base line to match yours. However, 40 pts is a really odd size. Are
      > you sure you measured it correctly? M&H does offer a 42 point Times.
      > Ludlow also produced Times Roman.
      > As already noted, N.A. Graphics may have the other ATF fonts.
      > Franklin Gothic is a fairly common face which comes up frequently in used
      > type sales. John Barrett probably has a lot if you can accept used type.
      > I know Dale Guild has the ATF Garamond mats but I do not think Theo has
      > produced 48 point. He primarily casts to order, but usually overproduces
      > enough to have a few job fonts available for sale. The cost of a custom
      > casting is astronomical because of the set up time.
      > If your type is ATF foundry type it will not match monotype from M&H even
      > you get the base line to be the same. The letters are slightly different
      > and this will be obvious in the large sizes you want. However, if the
      > line is your only concern, you should be able to get one of the many
      > monotype houses to match yours.
      > David
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      > Subject: [PPLetterpress] buying metal type
      > I need advice regarding purchasing metal type. I am looking to
      > supplement our existing drawers with additional type. Went up to M&H
      > last week, but their casts have a different baseline from mine. Lewis
      > Mitchell identified that the fonts were originally cast by American
      > Type Foundry. Does anyone know who would might stock the ATF fonts
      > below? Thanks.
      > 40 Times Roman Bold, complete
      > 14 Franklin Gothic, complete
      > 36 Franklin Gothic, complete
      > 48 Century Expanded, complete
      > 48 Garamond, complete
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