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Change of address (cross-posted)

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  • Harold Kyle
    Boxcar Press moves this weekend to a new address across town. We re excited because we ll have more space, we ll have windows, and we ll have a loading dock!
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2003
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      Boxcar Press moves this weekend to a new address across town. We're excited
      because we'll have more space, we'll have windows, and we'll have a loading
      dock! This is how the transition will work:

      * The phone and fax numbers will remain the same at the new location but
      please note our new address at the bottom of this email.
      * On Friday, December 12 our phone service will be unpredictable. Please
      email us or call/fax 315-423-7489 (but please don't use this number on other
      * Thanks to the dedicated work of our staff, all our platemaking and supply
      orders are shipping on time and (if all goes well) will not be delayed by
      our move.
      * Please note our holiday schedule (because I think we'll need a break after
      all this commotion!): we will close at the end of the day on Thursday,
      December 18 and return Monday, January 5. We'll be back in town briefly
      December 29 and 30 to handle any emergency orders.

      We look forward to settling down in 2004...in the meantime have a happy
      holiday season!


      Boxcar Press
      Delavan Center 501 W. Fayette St. #222 Syracuse, NY 13204
      Phone: 315-473-0930 Fax: 315-473-0967
      Digital Letterpress Supplies & Services
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