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Re: moving a c&p pt 2: One-way woes.

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  • Gerry Lockhart
    Brandon, I Moved a 10 x 15 C&P last year from Richmond, IN to Hockingport, OH about 300 miles one way. I found it was only possible to rent a truck round
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 2, 2003
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      I Moved a 10 x 15 C&P last year from Richmond, IN to Hockingport, OH about
      300 miles one way. I found it was only possible to rent a truck round trip.
      Rider was the cheapest, and I got the large one with a lift tail gate (very
      much worth it) with all your looking around, you'll probably find it is
      less expensive to do the round trip by having the lift gate even though you
      have to drive it both ways and pay for the milage.

      As far as loading and unloading it... My wife and I moved it intact, but
      used a heavy duty jack to lift one side at a time in order to place doubled
      2" x 6" "runners" under each side. Then used 4 pieces of 1" pipe cut about
      4 ft long. Use the pipe under the runners to roll the press to the truck.
      made use of 2 come alongs to "wench" the press into position and up onto the
      lift gate. (you can attach the come alongs to the frame under the truck to
      pull the press onto the lift gate. Once the press is on the lift. Use 2
      additional come alongs attached inside the truck to maintain a hold on the
      press as it is lifted (keep tightening these and the lift comes up.... don't
      forget to loosen the 2 come alongs attached under the truck (these can be
      removed after the press is just about all the way up... and the inside come
      alongs now provide most of the pressure holding the press from sliding off
      the lift gate. Once all the way up.. use them to pull the press inside the
      truck. Secure the press so it doesn't slide around during the trip and
      you're on your way... to rest while you drive until you have to do the
      reverse to get it OUT of the truck :-) Again, be very careful lowering
      the press on the lift gate.... USE the come alongs to prevent it from
      sliding off the lift gate as it is lowered. If it starts to slip & move,
      you've had it... and pray no one is standing where it will fall

      I also moved a 12 x 18 Little Giant # 4 cylinder letterpress that same trip,
      using the same procedure. It weighed more than twice what the C&P did.
      It's amazing what you can do with a few lengths of pipe and a couple of come
      alongs. Just take is slow and cautious, always aware of what the weight may
      do and which way it may want to slide.... keep yourself and others out of
      the way of it.

      Good luck and enjoy your prize once you get it home!!

      Gerry Lockhart

      letpresslist@... writes:

      > Thank you so much for your suggestions so far. They have been very
      > informative.
      > I have run into a problem with truck rentals... None of the truck
      > company's I've contacted offer one way trucks with a lift gate (they
      > are available locally only). (I've conacted Uhaul, Budget, Penske.
      > Ryder does not offer one way.)
      > I have combed U haul's site for a 12" two axle trailer with the the
      > dropgate- i did find a trailer that was 6'x12' but it doesn't look
      > like there is a drop gate, and the sides are so low I can just see
      > myself hitting a bump and the C&P tumbling onto a two lane highway. The
      > open trailers I DID see were NOT one way.
      > My wife suggests i use a forklift at Point A & Point B. I was wondering
      > what else you might suggest. I'd be open to renting a forklift but I'm
      > not at all familiar with the process (do I operate it? how does one
      > transport a fork lift, what can I expect to pay etc. )
      > The man I am purchasing from says he can get up with a "rigger" who may
      > be able to move it out for me...
      > Do any of you know a professional in the city of cincinnati?
      > This press is definitely gonna be earned the hard way.
      > thanks,
      > Brandon
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