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Re: [PPLetterpress] photopolymer plate maker

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  • Roderick
    Hi Kim, I think you ve exhaused the supply for the East Bay. Try: SF Center for the Book (up to A4) Regis Poly Plates in Oceansice
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2003
      Hi Kim,

      I think you've exhaused the supply for the East Bay. Try:

      SF Center for the Book (up to A4)
      Regis Poly Plates in Oceansice http://www.regispolyplates.com

      > Roderick

      Kimberly Vanderheiden <paintedtongue@...> wrote:

      I'm new to the photopolymer list. I have studio in Oakland, California,
      with a Griffin etching press, a Vandercook 4, and soon to have a
      Heidleberg Windmill. I like to incorporate letterpress into my
      printmaking, and work with photopolymer plates both on the letterpress
      and etching press. A few years back, I started taking up wedding
      invitation and stationery side jobs to support my art habit, and work
      with those jobs has grown steadily (hence the imminent arrival of the
      Heidleberg.) Like others in this business, I print these jobs from
      photopolymer plates.

      Lately, my frequent need for plates has been outstripping my resources
      for having them made. I can't afford my own plate maker yet. Right now
      I'm working on paying for that new press, and , well, one thing at a
      time. My current plate maker does an excellent job, but isn't always
      available. My back up was also very good, but difficult for me to get
      to, and also just raised rates considerably.

      So, can anyone recommend a reliable photopolymer plate maker in the San
      Francisco Bay Area, preferably East Bay?

      I just discovered Boxcar Press in New York, which seems to make and
      ship them, and looks like a good place to try out. But in this case, I
      have three 12x16" sheets of film already made up, and for Boxcar to
      have made sense, I would have sent files to them for them to output the
      film in New York.

      So far, for the bay area, I know about M&H, One Heart Press, & Digger
      Pine Press. Bay Island Press used to do it, but doesn't any longer. Any


      Kim Vanderheiden
      The Painted Tongue Press

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