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Re: [PPLetterpress] War and Type

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Michael This surely makes appropriate a citing of Richard de Bury s (1287-1345) _Philobiblon_ http://www.fraterdeus.com/articles/philobiblon.html ...In sooth
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2003

      This surely makes appropriate a citing of Richard de Bury's (1287-1345) _Philobiblon_


      "...In sooth we cannot mourn with the grief that they deserve all the various books that have perished by the fate of war in various parts of the world...."

      Thanks for the story. Good to keep these things in mind...


      PS, I'm sorry to say I won't be in Vancouver this fall for the upcoming ATypI conference, but I'm sure it will be highly engaging and filled with interesting typofanatics ;-) (www.atypi.org)

      At 8:42 PM -0700 2003-09-08, Michael Barnes wrote:
      >As fascinating as exposure times, square vs round dots, and various
      >types of scotch tape may be, I feel a hankering to tell a war story.
      >Nothing to offend the Americans or the British in their recent
      >exertions -- after all this is a type forum.
      >I wonder how many know that our hallowed Stanley Morison told a ripping
      >war yarn in the Preface to "Black-Letter Text" (Cambridge, 1942). He
      >was preparing a long work on the evolution of gothic lettering, a type
      >style by that time pretty much restricted to Germany, when the
      >Luftwaffe blew up the better part of his research notes in a London air
      >raid. Does the word "irony" need to be stated in the context?
      >He hastily published what remained of his studies for fear that the
      >little left would be destroyed in the war, and to that essay he
      >prefaced the description of a night's events and fires that I quote
      >from below. I edit much because the topic is far from the usual
      >preoccupations of this group, but not so much that it loses its power.
      >I was so struck by its vividness that it served to increase my respect
      >for Morison's talents.

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