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Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Photopolymer-optimization thread

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  • Justin Howes
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      > > Why not make up a polymer plate using a film negative with
      > several rules of
      > > known size, e.g. 1pt, 2pt, or 1mm, 2mm, and some text, and
      > print it so that
      > > the text comes out as you want it. Measuring the result should
      > give us an...
      > Justin: It seems to me that every project has a different degree of
      > spread. One has to take into account the paper, the ink, the
      > moisture of the paper, packing.
      > A P-optimized font would be a much better starting point for us
      > than one engineered for offset printing, but I hope its creator
      > would not try to do too many mathematical studies of ink gain
      > (unless he or she had a research grant to study this). When
      > adjusting fonts, I'm always happy after educated guesses, test
      > sheets, and lots of proofing.

      Actually, Harold, I agree: the maths, such as it was, simply tells me that
      you'd need to take off less for the big sizes (above 18pt) and more for the
      smaller sizes (8pt to 18pt).

      As an alternative to p-optimising the font itself, could one not use the
      standard font and slightly (but how slightly?) over-expose the plate? I've
      never used PP, so please look tolerantly on a suggestion that probably shows
      a lamentable ignorance of the technology. I know that when we were setting
      books for offset we'd occasionally get the service bureau to beef up the
      type by changing a setting on the imagesetter.


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      living typeface.
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    • Hrant H Papazian
      From: Gerald Lange ... Notably sans Hrant... I like to watch , he said. From: author50401 ... That s so embarassing. And to think that I have a minor in
      Message 46 of 46 , Jun 21, 2002
        From: Gerald Lange
        > Hrant's dogged pursuit is raging over at the type-design list

        Notably sans Hrant... "'I like to watch', he said."

        From: "author50401"
        > 18 micron = 0.0007086614 inch

        That's so embarassing. And to think that I have a minor
        in Math... A micron is 10^-6 *meters*, not centimeters. :-/

        This is great news. Dwiggins, Justin, and
        now that guy are all in the same ballpark.

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