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Re: [PPLetterpress] New to Group - Thank you and another question

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  • Katie Harper
    I m sure you ll get more responses, but I recommend you check out a book called Printmaking with the Sun or something like that (I can t remember the exact
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 18, 2003
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      I'm sure you'll get more responses, but I recommend you check out a book
      called "Printmaking with the Sun" or something like that (I can't remember
      the exact title.) Photopolymer plates are not aluminum; they are made of a
      plastic material (polymer) that is light sensitive. They are usually backed
      with aluminum or steel or plastic, depending on the application that they
      are used for. Daniel Smith and other printmaking supply places sell
      something similar called "Solarplate" which is the same stuff, just a
      particular brand marketed for printmakers. In any case, this light sensitive
      plastic material is exposed to UV light, either artificial or sunlight.
      Where it's exposed gets hard, and unexposed areas wash away with water. If
      you use a negative, you will get the printing areas on top as relief with
      nonprinting areas below the surface. If you use a positive, you will get the
      printing areas below the surface of the plate for intaglio work.

      The use of polymer plates in printmaking is making a lot of headway because
      it is much safer and more environmentally sound that using metal plates.
      However, there are artistic and technical limitations (no aquatint, for
      example). That book mentioned above has a lot of examples of various

      Katie Harper

      on 6/18/03 11:09 AM, David Jackson at lagniap@... wrote:

      > At 10:33 AM 6/17/03 -0400, Dan, at Indian Hill Press, explained which way
      > the wind blows with:
      >> You are not in the wrong group. Just be patient. There are whole
      >> weeks at a time when all people talk about is obscure, arcane theory
      >> that only three people on the planet understand or care about. Then
      >> somebody will throw out a valuable nugget that will change your life.
      > Thank you, Dan. I'm gonna stick around, I think.
      > Ed offered an invitation to visit him in Jackson, Mississippi, to see the
      > real thing. I'd love to, Ed. I'll contact you off-list. Many Thanks.
      > Mark tantalized me with the suggestions of using sand to draw on the plates
      > and using the sun for exposures. I'd love to hear more about your work as
      > time goes on.
      > Charles checked in from L.A. Hi, Charles. As it turns out I'd been to your
      > website before to see the two photography books you are producing. (Sure
      > wish more of the work were available to view online.)
      > The new question, raised for me by Ed's comments that no special equipment
      > was needed and Mark's comment about drawing with sand...
      > Are we talking about the same thing? By photopolymer plate I am thinking of
      > a light guage aluminum (I think) plate that, typically, would be exposed
      > through a negative of some sort in a UV vacuum frame. Yes?
      > I understand enough about alternative photography methods to understand use
      > of the sun as a UV source and laying objects directly on the plate, but
      > rubbing with sand?
      > My personal interest in all of this is that I am a long-time photographer
      > who is also interested in the printmaking process. I would like to be able
      > to integrate my photographic image making into my hand-pulled prints.
      > Thanks again to everyone.
      > Best Regards,
      > David
      > David Jackson
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      Katie Harper
      Ars Brevis Press
      Cincinnati, OH
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