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Re: Chandler & Price rebuild

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  • plaidprinter
    Thank you for the ideas. Marking the parts, taking the pictures and heating the parts for disassembly are great ideas that I will use. And as Ed pointed out
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 1, 2013
      Thank you for the ideas.
      Marking the parts, taking the pictures and heating the parts for disassembly are great ideas that I will use. And as Ed pointed out pre-planning, I definitely do not want anyone to spend anytime in the emergency room. The millwright I know has witness "stamps" he often uses so I can utilize those.

      I didn't think of using a dolly with a winch. I can rent one easily enough and it can be used to raise parts up the stairs as "easily" as down.

      The biggest thing is that others have successfully done this so that is important to know. And the fact that some of the guidelines were on the link (http://www.greendolphinpress.com/letterpress-faq.html#3.06) is great. I will minimize the disassembly as much as possible.

      The repairs we have to make are relatively minor (cracks and worn gear teeth) which can be addressed on disassembly. I will take lots of pictures and hopefully post them later.

      Thank you


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, Edgar Weber <elweber@...> wrote:
      > Couple of quick suggestions --
      >      Take pictures as you go; this simplifies reassembly.
      >       If taking apart mating gears: position them for dis-assembly/reassembly,
      > clean the sides of both gears at the mating point with solvent, & check for
      > scribed or stamped witness marks.  If you don't find any, spray paint the now
      > clean sides with light colored quick drying paint.  Photograph the painted spot
      > & add witness marks after the paint is set.
      >       If you need to rig temporary lights be sure the lights & their cords are
      > located where they won't be knocked down, tripped over, or smashed by machine
      > pieces.  If you need a movable light it's a good idea to have one helper
      > assigned exclusively to managing it and it's electrical line.
      > BEFORE you start study the instructions, study them again while planning the
      > moves, equipment, tools, etc.  Be sure you've got ALL the necessary tools,
      > blocking, dollies, etc. at hand before starting. Think things out before
      > touching any tools.  Don't rush!
      > Remember, an extra hour spent planning beats hell out of 4 hours in the
      > Emergency Room.
      > Happy moving,
      >   Ed Weber 
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      > Subject: [PPLetterpress] Re: Chandler & Price rebuild
      > Hi Richard,
      > I moved mine several years ago. I disassembled it to move it across town and
      > into my house. I used the instructions found at this link, posted by Green
      > Dolphin Press http://www.greendolphinpress.com/letterpress-faq.html#3.06
      > There was also a link to download the original C&P manual and diagram which
      > helped, but I can't find it anymore. You might be able to track it down.
      > I took all the major parts apart, separated the platen, bed and frame. I
      > remember needing to heat some of the parts with a torch to pull them off of
      > their shafts. I was able to move it using an old trailer in two trips. You will
      > definitely want a helper, lowering the bed might be hard for one person.
      > Hardest part that I remember was getting the frame and the bed down through a
      > door and down a short flight of stairs. We were able to use a truck with a hitch
      > to lower them down a ramp slowly, but I had to cut through the door frame to fit
      > it through. You are going up stairs so I'm not sure how to go about that.
      > Once it is apart, you might want to clean everything before moving it into your
      > shop.
      > Good luck.
      > Ben
      > --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "plaidprinter" <rj.mccormack@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I have a CP 10x15 that I was thinking of disassembling and rebuilding so that I
      > >can move the printer to a more suitable location. It is going to be a tight fit
      > >and requires going up a stair case.
      > >
      > > The printer also has some mechanical issues. I have a local millwright whose
      > >Dad actually worked repairing and maintaining a few presses in his day.
      > >
      > > My question: Has anyone taken on the job before with a successful end result??
      > >Needless to say it will be a major undertaking but it is always best to here
      > >from others.
      > >
      > > Richard
      > >
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