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Call for Panelists / AWP Boston March 6-9, 2013

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  • Meryl DePasquale
    Would anyone be interested in the opportunity described below? And/or mind forwarding the information below to anyone who might have an interest? Thanks so
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2012
      Would anyone be interested in the opportunity described below? And/or mind forwarding the information below to anyone who might have an interest?

      Thanks so much,



      I would like to propose a panel at the AWP conference that examines the relationship between the act of writing and the tactile experience of bookmaking. I'm interested in the creative process, how writing and bookmaking can influence each other when an artist/writer engages in both forms. I think especially of how Virginia Woolf divided her days between writing in the mornings and setting type for Hogarth Press in the afternoon. Did the physical act of handling the type, touching words and letters, change her relationship to language? Influence the way she wrote or how she viewed her work as a writer?

      I'm looking for writer/book artists to present on this panel who:

      1. Are active writers as well as active book artists. Writing publications as well as gallery exhibitions of book art can confirm involvement in both fields.
      2. Are available (and can vouch for their availability) from March 6-9, 2013.
      3. Can travel to and stay in Boston, as well as register for the conference (at the reduced presenter rate) without financial assistance from me. This opportunity will work best for writer/book artists who already plan to attend the conference.

      If you would be interested in presenting on such a panel, please email me the following BEFORE SUNDAY APRIL 29TH:

      1. 50ish word biographical note (see below)
      2. email address
      3. mailing address
      4. telephone number
      5. institutional affiliation 
      6. confirmation of your availability March 6-9, 2013
      7. a couple lines or more about your interest and background



      The Association of Writer's and Writing Programs's (AWP) Annual Conference and Bookfair includes more than 400 events and over 1,600 presenters. The proposal process is highly competitive, so it is possible that the panel will not be accepted. To improve chances of acceptance, I would like to assemble a panel with presenters who are diverse in their backgrounds, pursuits, affiliations, and ages. AWP seeks presenters that showcase a variety of organizations and institutions, and who are at different stages of their careers, for a broad range of perspectives and experiences. AWP notifies the event organizer about proposal results in August.

      Presenters may participate in no more than two accepted events, and may be included in no more than 3 proposals. Panelists who fail to execute their accepted panel will forfeit their participation in future conference events.



      Meryl DePasquale lives in Minneapolis. Her poems and prose have appeared in American Poetry Journal,CT Review and Esque, among other places. She is a poetry editor of Midway Journal and holds an MFA from the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities. Meryl has received grants from the Jerome Foundation and the Minnesota State Arts Board. She loves letterpress and prints at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Meryl has made broadsides, an art book Dream of a Perfect Interface, and participates in a collaborative mail art project called Four-Letter Press.



      Each participant should have a biographical note of no more than 400 characters, including spaces. The bio should begin with the presenter’s first and last name. Biographical notes should concisely reflect information relevant to the panel, such as publications, or teaching, editorial, and/or administrative experience. For publications, include the genre and no more than three book or journal titles. Please do not include personal information, such as place of birth, family members, or hobbies. Please do not include publishers or years of publication.

      Please do not use quotation marks, asterisks, or all caps other than to indicate acronyms. AWP will make all necessary formatting changes if the event is accepted. Please do not include email addresses or personal web addresses.

      Sample biographical notes:

      Luna Hartman is the author of three books of poetry: Threshold; Lunar Sightings; and Wonderlust. She was awarded an NEA fellowship for poetry in 2010. Hartman directs the writing program at Palmer University.

      Roger Martinez is a former fellow and current board member for the Windside Artist Residency. He is the fiction editor of the New Albany Review and is the program director at the Center for the Arts. His book reviews appear in newspapers throughout the country.

      AWP reserves the right to edit all biographical notes.

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