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Re: [PPLetterpress] New Vandercook Press book

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  • typetom@aol.com
    Thanks for the info. Another new book on Vandercook just announced from the Typofiles, via Oak Knoll Books, design and cover wrapper by Paul Moxon:
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      Thanks for the info.
      Another new book on Vandercook just announced from the Typofiles, via Oak Knoll Books, design and cover wrapper by Paul Moxon:
      In a message dated 9/26/2011 12:37:10 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time, Bieler@... writes:
      Listed below is the advertisement for Paul Moxon's book on the Vandercook.

      Paul currently manages the Vanderblog, which is the definitive resource on all things Vandercook, and if you have one, you should join.


      I was sent an early version of the manuscript for review and suggestions and while I have not yet received my copy I would recommend it to those who own Vandercooks. Paul is a bit heavy on the intimacies of Vandercook's history but serious books on the Vandercook are somewhat nonexistent. Well, that is to say, this is the only one. My Printing Digital Type on the Hand-Operated Flatbed Cylinder Press covers the use of photopolymer plates and digital type on the Vandercook but I purposely declined to do a book per se on the press itself way back when. Mainly because the times were changing. DIY attitudes now rule (and do not take kindly in any way to folks suggesting traditional techniques, methodologies, materials, etc., etc.). Paul did exclude from this material his Letterpress Finesse document, which can be found in the Files section here. Likely for the very reason I would have.


      Vandercook Presses: Maintenance, History and Resources
      by Paul Moxon

      A new, essential Vandercook reference book by Paul Moxon based on his
      "Vandercook Maintenance" workshop with notes on significant models and competing presses.

      10 x 7, 98 pp, letterpress cover, digitally printed interior, twin loopwire binding,

      $55.00 postage paid within the U.S.
      Canada/Mexico USD 60.00
      UK/Europe/Australia/NZ USD 65.00

      Check, money order or PayPal (paul@...):
      Paul Moxon
      1059 Chalet Drive W.
      Mobile AL 36608 USA
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