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Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Need a new solvent ASAP!

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Water color sounds nice but I don t like the idea of water on the press as it s not designed for that. I ve used WM (water miscable) wash from Lithco -
    Message 1 of 41 , Jul 8, 2011
      Water color sounds nice but I don't like the idea of water on the press as it's not designed for that.

      I've used WM (water miscable) wash from Lithco - straight up - for some years. It's not stinky. Works great. I wear solvent resistant gloves from the hardware store. I have lots of nitrile gloves in a drawer but found they don't last long. And acetone goes right through them (use acetone only for taking off dead dry hardened ink, as little as possible. It does clean up old wood type very nicely though ;-)

      I can't imagine using veg oil. Yuck.
      When I had composition rollers on the old C&p I did use non-detergent SAE30 for wiping the rollers. Works great. But not on rubber!

      Btw a tip for when you miss a sheet and print on the tympan: don't ever use solvent to wipe it off. Only makes it worse and ruins five following sheets instead of one or two. I'll wipe it off with a dry rag powdered with talcum. Dries it right up AND prevents diaper rash!

      Peter Fraterdeus
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      From iPhone plz excuse brevity!

      On Jul 8, 2011, at 9:56 AM, nohogallery@... wrote:

      We went the vegetable oil route for a while, but as green as it is it leaves a horrible sticky film behind.

      The best odorless mineral spirit is Gamsol by Gamblin Oil Paints if you must use mineral spirits.  It has a low flash point and the best PEL (OSHA's standard for permissible exposure levels)

      Sunnyside solvents are the lowest grade of all mineral spirits containing the highest KB value among other mineral spirits.  The KB test (Kauri-butanol value) measures the solvent power of a hydrocarbon.  They are not highly refined and place lots of crap in the air.

      One rule of thumb with solvents is if it smells good stay away from it!  Citrus based solvents do not evaporate fast enough to remove the toxic materials they dissolve; leaving them floating in the air.  They also continue to dissolve if any film is left behind.  Oil painters have seen their palettes dissolve when leaving citrus solvent on the palettes over night.  Also because of their slow evaporation rate they can also cause damage to the cilia in the lungs.  It is also suspected to be a liver and kidney toxin. Does anyone remember Banana Oil...smelled nifty, but it was liquid brain damage

      We use California Wash in a 60/40 mix with water and  we love it.  We use it in a squirt bottle and use very little and ventilate well.

      Always leave your solvents covered.  Dispense only the minimum to get the job done.

      We are also researching Aqua Wash inks by Charbonnel.  They are water misable printing inks.  Just got a few color in and I am going to try it on one of our baby presses.

      Good luck.

      Big Wheel Press

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      The odorless mineral spirits that were available at the major hardware chains, Home Depot, OSH, etc., were changed within the last year. I believe this was posted here. The new "non-combustible" formulas and the newer "green" versions are beyond worthless. Even the help guys at Home Depot will not recommend the latter.

      Basically go to your local hardware store to get this stuff. Sunnyside (sp?) is one that is still okay.

      This gets worse year by year because of the green mandate. No VOCs—but in regard to your physical health; here try this acetone or diesel fuel, or god knows what. . . See how that works out. If not we will pull it off the market. Which they do each and every year.

      Next year, like the last several years, because these "green" concoctions are not working, it will be something else.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "keetgi" <keetgi.kogan@...> wrote:
      > Hi! I just came back from the dermatologist and apparently I am having an allergic reaction to the odourless mineral spirits I've been using to clean my press.
      > Can anyone recommend a non-toxic solution that won't rust out my press (Vandercook sp20)?
      > I would appreciate any help or advice.
      > Thanks,
      > Keetgi
      > keetgi.kogan@...

    • matthew lamoureux
      Well you know how it goes with products imported from Chna. . . . ;)
      Message 41 of 41 , Aug 20, 2011
        Well you know how it goes with products imported from Chna. . . . ;)

        From: Gerald Lange <Bieler@...>;
        To: <PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com>;
        Subject: [PPLetterpress] Re: Need a new solvent ASAP!
        Sent: Sat, Aug 20, 2011 7:47:39 AM


        There seem to be a number of these off brand "green" solvents slipping past the censors. No ingredients listing, no MSDS supplied. Available in stores and on line. Very strange considering the strict regulations imposed on known manufacturers.


        --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, sylvia chevrier <sylviachevrier@...> wrote:
        > Dan,
        > I checked on the bottle I have and there is no ingredient list. There
        > is an 800 number to call for "technical assistance". Early next week
        > when I have some free time I'm going to call, because now I'm
        > curious. I'll let you know if I find out anything worthwhile.
        > Whatever is in it, this product has really made clean up alot easier for me.
        > Sylvia
        > >
        > >I contacted Christine's Graphic Supplies to ask about Genie's Safe N
        > >Easy and obtain it's MSDS. Don't know what I was expecting since it
        > >claims to have no harsh toxins there was nothing listed on the sheet
        > >regarding "ingredients". I was just curious what it's made of. I was
        > >also told it's "super concentrated". Now like with California Wash,
        > >which some people use out of the can but is recommended to be mixed
        > >with water...why is that not a bad idea? Wouldn't I want to keep
        > >water-soluble solvents away from a press? Though I guess if applied
        > >carefully it only should touch the rollers...
        > >
        > >Dan Selzer
        > >
        > >

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