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Re: help with pagemaker font tweak

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  • Gerald Lange
    Brian I ve checked my copy of Monotype Typography s Centaur/Centaur Expert (which would be the same as Adobe s, except possibly for metric adjustments) and
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 19, 2003

      I've checked my copy of Monotype Typography's Centaur/Centaur Expert
      (which would be the same as Adobe's, except possibly for metric
      adjustments) and could not find any special en or em dashes. The Italic
      is the digital version of Arrighi.

      In lieu of creating a special character with a font editing program such
      as Fontographer or FontLab...

      Best bet with Pagemaker would be to select the em dash character and
      then go to Character in the Paragraph menu. This will allow you to
      change the specific character to a superscript or subscript and modify
      its size and relationship to baseline or x-height. This will reduce its
      visual weight.

      You may also want to create a semi-bold version of the font (Centaur is
      only supplied with the regular and bold weights). This semi-bold version
      will provide you with another weight that you might need for that
      specific character once you adjust it with the character selection. You
      can easily create this alternative font with one of the above editing
      programs. The instructions for this are in _Printing Digital Type..._
      (which you have) as well as on site, in PDF form, at


      At this time, I only have a cheat sheet available for Fontographer.

      If you don't have a copy of Fontographer, with your academic credentials
      you can get one, including manual, for something like $120 from


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