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  • Harold Kyle
    I m posting to tout Debbie s behind-the-scenes work here at Boxcar Press. After months of data entry, coding, and testing, she s finally launched two new
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2003
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      I'm posting to tout Debbie's behind-the-scenes work here at Boxcar Press.
      After months of data entry, coding, and testing, she's finally launched two
      new online services (all the while attending grad school, answering phones,
      and making delicious homemade baked goods):

      * Online ordering for all items in our catalog. This provides a secure
      credit card transaction for anyone desiring UPS Ground shipping within the
      US. We've even reduced many prices in our 2003 catalog.
      Browse the items for sale at:
      ...then when you're ready to order hit "Shop" or go to

      * Web-based file uploading utility that allows anyone with an internet
      connection to send us files for photopolymer platemaking. Our upload script
      can handle a whopping 35mb of file transfer at the push of a button. The
      Boxcar Platemaking Squad (that's me) then processes your plates flawlessly
      in two days or less, guaranteed. Only here:

      Oh, and we'll also have our letterpress-printed catalog ready to ship in two
      weeks. It's in my printer's hands right now so I don't want to jinx it by
      complementing its fabulous production quite yet. If you haven't already
      requested a copy, you can visit:

      If you like the changes on our website, please drop Debbie a note. Or better
      yet, give her online ordering a whirl. Her email is info@....


      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      Boxcar Press
      Fine Printing and Binding ~ Digital Letterpress Supplies
      640 Fellows Avenue ~ Syracuse, NY 13210
      315-473-0930 ~ phone and fax
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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