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Re: C&P ink disk not rotating

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  • Gary
    I had an issue with my 8x12 NS C&P where the disk was a bit *too* easy to turn. The resistance of the pawl against the teeth of the disc was enough to
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      I had an issue with my 8x12 NS C&P where the disk was a bit *too* easy to turn. The resistance of the pawl against the teeth of the disc was enough to pendulum the disc, the disc would rotate back with the pawl as it tried to slide up the slope of each ratchet tooth. So I simply wiped off the excess oil, that it rotated, but less freely. Now it has enough resistance to stay put while the pawl can do it's job! I don't "never" lube it! I just give it a drop. Enough to move freely, but not so freely that the action of the pawl drags it backward. I also remove the disc from time to time to clean it out, in that there is nothing that prevents grit or just accumulated dust to be dragged down into the receptacle. It's an easy bit of maintenance.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, Lance Williams <lwwill7999@...> wrote:
      > First of all, it's a C&P Craftsman, not a "Mastercraft". No such model
      > of a C&P was ever made as a "Mastercraft".
      > Second, the ink disk drive mechanism on a Craftsman was a totally new
      > redesign, and was not used on the OS or NS presses, except maybe in the
      > later years (1950+) on the larger models. Definitely not used on the 8x12.
      > As for the 8x12 (not an 8x10, no such size made) ink disk rotating
      > system, the biggest issue is wear on the teeth on the back of the disk
      > and also on the ratcheting pawl. Make sure these are coming together
      > solidly and they can not slip backwards. There should be a good "clunk,
      > clunk, clunk" sound as the press is running and the ratchet pawl
      > retracts around the disk after the disk makes it's rotation. If you are
      > not getting this noise, then you need to thoroughly lubricate the pivot
      > point of the ratchet pawl, as the only thing that keeps it tight against
      > the ink disk is the weight of the counter-balance on the ratchet pawl.
      > Between worn teeth and stiffness in the motion of the ratchet pawl, you
      > can get the problems mentioned. One or the other of these things alone
      > can cause the problem, or a combination of both....
      > The 10x15 and 12x18 Craftsman series of presses use the spring and rod
      > slip clutch that Robin mentions. This is also what I think Jason was
      > trying to describe, as I don't know of any other spring mechanisms on
      > the ink disk rotation systems on any of the presses.... I have been
      > running these type of presses for 30+ years, presses we have owned since
      > the 1930's....
      > - Lance Williams
      > Williams Stationery Co.
      > Camden, New York
      > APA #785
      > On 12/4/2010 5:05 PM, Robin Heyeck wrote:
      > > Had the same problem fifteen or twenty years ago with my C&P 12x18 Mastercraft. Old time pressman Arnie Olds advised me to thoroughly clean all oil from the two tumblers in the round housing and then to refrain from oiling that part...ever. It worked and has given me no problem since.
      > >
      > > Robin Heyeck
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