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Aaron Horkey Letterpress Art Prints

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  • bielerpr
    In case those interested have missed it below is the announcement for the first suite of the Aaron Horkey letterpress releases. These go fast. This is
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      In case those interested have missed it below is the announcement for the first suite of the Aaron Horkey letterpress releases. These go fast. This is tomorrow. Their previous release for 140 copies of Dead Man sold out in three minutes.


      Aaron Horkey's Retrospective Letterpress Series


      Dead Arts Publishing is pleased to announce the start of Aaron Horkey's Retrospective Letterpress Series.

      Beginning on the 18th of June, we will be releasing Suite 1 of this 6 part series featuring exact scale reproductions of a selection of illustrations from Aaron's body of work to date.

      Prints in this series will be letterpress printed on Somerset Velvet Radiant White 330 gsm fine art paper and produced to the exacting standards of Master Printer, Gerald Lange of The Bieler Press. Drawing from his depth of experience, Mr. Lange has crafted beautifully precise reproductions of Aaron's illustrations in an unaltered format, truly showcasing their respective talents and dedication to their craft. Additional production provided by Geoff Graham of Graham Editions.

      Included in the first installment of this series are; The Scavenger, Drifting Monument and Goatmeal.

      Previously published as large format serigraph concert posters for Fantomas, Racebannon and The Melvins respectively, these new art prints solely feature Aaron's beautiful illustrations as they were originally created. Foregoing their event related embellishments and produced in a starkly alluring black ink letterpress format allows for a decidedly different presentation for the imagery included in the series.

      Additionally, a previously unpublished piece, entitled The Rook has been created exclusively as a complimentary bonus print for Suite 1 buyers as a token of appreciation for your support. The first of six new illustrations, they will together represent Aaron's interpretation of the pieces of the classic game of chess.

      Suite 1 is priced at $260 and will be offered for four hours on June 18, from 10am until 2pm Pacific Standard Time. These editions will be limited solely to the orders received during this ordering period and will not be reprinted. Purchasers of Suite 1 will also have their specific edition number reserved for them for the entirety of the series with no obligation or commitment. Due to logistical constraints, this service is unfortunately only available with this initial offering.

      As this ordering period will determine the edition size, please allow approximately 4 weeks for production and fulfillment of this pre-sale release.

      Additionally, the prints included in Suite 1 are also offered individually with the exception of The Rook.

      DA002 - The Scavenger (Fantomas):
      9" x 16 5/8"

      DA003 - Drifting Monument (Racebannon):
      18 1/8" x 6 7/8"

      DA004 - Goatmeal (The Melvins):
      9 1/4" x 9 1/4"

      Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or comments at: contact@....

      Thank you all very much for your interest and support,

      Dead Arts Publishing
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