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Re: [PPLetterpress] Continuous tone relief printed photo ceramics

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  • Gerald Lange
    Hi Mark Hey, I m just the messenger on this one! Did you look at the collotype section of the site? Quite amazing, and actually the best I ve seen yet. But
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 8, 2003
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      Hi Mark

      Hey, I'm just the messenger on this one! Did you look at the collotype
      section of the site? Quite amazing, and actually the best I've seen yet.
      But I've done collotype. I suspect, in some regards, these folks are
      knee deep in digital... Still, I'm impressed. Did you look at the staff

      The topographical relief of collotype, for instance, is the result of
      the photopolymer matrix absorbing water, at least in traditional
      practice. I suspect that topographic relief does depend upon some form
      of hydration.

      Any clear film-backed photopolymer is designed for flexography and
      application to cylinder printing rather than flatbase. In the "old days"
      of flexographic liquid photopolymer you did need to back-expose. This
      would ensure an antihalation floor. All current sheet polymer (whether
      film-backed or metal-backed) comes already back-exposed. From the site
      specifics I don't exactly know what configuration they are using or
      where they are getting it. Some of the printmaking ventures into
      photopolymer are a bit confusing in this way.

      Ha! I suspect other photopolymer users would have a lot to say about
      this. But watch out for the ones who are selling!


      Mark Attwood wrote:

      >Hi Gerald,
      >I looked through the site, most interesting.
      >I am however really confused as to how they get the polymer to be a
      >topographical relief with varying depths. I can only manage to get "up" and
      >"down" with polymer. I tried for an embossing some time ago where I wanted
      >varying depths, but gave up.
      >They talk about exposing polymer with a clear film base through the back.
      >does this have something to do with it?
      >Would and other polymer users have any feedback on this?
      >Mark Attwood
      >The Artists' Press
      >Box 623
      >South Africa
      >Tel. +27 11 836 5474
      >fax. +27 11 836 6858
      >>From: "Gerald Lange <bieler@...>" <bieler@...>
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      >>Subject: [PPLetterpress] Continuous tone relief printed photo ceramics
      >>Some interesting goings on at the Centre for Fine Print Research
      >>This is amazing.
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