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Re: [PPLetterpress] What is Parenthesis!

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  • Tim Honnor
    Hullo Old Stile Press from Piccolo Press in Scotland. Like you, I read the LP stuff but have little time to reply! I would like to offer an article to
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 16, 2002
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      Hullo Old Stile Press from Piccolo Press in Scotland.
      Like you, I read the LP stuff but have little time to reply!
      I would like to offer an article to Parenthesis (on
      engraving/diestamping) but from your message below It seems there may be
      a new editor.
      If you could let me have a contact, I would be grateful.
      Many thanks and best wishes,
      Tim Honnor

      In message <20021213183245.98966635A3@...>, Frances &
      Nicolas <oldstile@...> writes
      >We read with fascination the exchanges at PPLetterpress but rarely join
      >in - largely because aspects of it are necessarily different in the UK,
      >where suppliers etc are involved - and we read Gerald books with care and
      >However, regarding 'Parenthesis' . . . the Fine Press Book Association
      >grew out of the splendid weekend long Bookfests at Oak Knoll (New Castle,
      >Delaware) where about half of the participants were from the UK and the
      >rest from the US - this has now expanded and has European and other
      >presses. Over meals there everyone discussed the need for a magazine to
      >promote, review and generally discuss books being produced by such
      >presses to the outside world who largely are unaware of what we are all
      >doing and to communicate with collectors and potential collectors. To
      >try and get an organisation off the ground there were two 'committees' -
      >one in the UK and one in the US and it was hoped to have a magazine that
      >was produced alternately in UK and USA. For all sorts of reasons -
      >organisationally this was complex and no magazine appeared in the US
      >until Parenthesis 5 which is edited by Crispin Elsted in Canada and the
      >rest of the issues have emanated from the UK edited by Dennis Hall -
      >though both have articles by contributors internationally. The next one
      >should come out very shortly printed in Canada followed quite quickly by
      >one from the UK. We very much hope that it will settle down into a more
      >regular pattern thereafter but in terms of subscription we have tried to
      >establish that a subscription would entitle you to two issues of
      >Parenthesis however long they take to come out and that a reminder would
      >come with the second - I know librarians will find that difficult and if
      >there is anyone out there who can find a way round these sort of
      >administrative problem do step forward.
      >Do look at the FPBA website where you can see what sort of articles are
      >in the different issues - together with subscription details for
      >different parts of the world. It should also tell you of events where
      >such books can be seen and handled and bought! Information of such events
      >is welcomed on Gerald's site (as long as he doesn't close it down for
      >lack of interest). We just need to get to more people about this
      >splendid group - with a magazine of considerable quality - with more
      >people involved whether printers, designers or customers. . .
      >As an aside, Gerald, why is it that PPLetterpress comes in a readable
      >format, but the FPBA site is always completely scrambled and only
      >occasionally decipherable from the other instructions to the computer?
      >(We have iMac but it seems not to read anything in Word)
      >Best wishes
      >Frances McDowall
      >(originally secretary and treasurer of the fpba in UK but have passed
      >over that role now - still keen to make the organisation work really
      >The Old Stile Press
      >Catchmays Court
      >Llandogo, Monmouth NP25 4TN UK
      >phone & fax 01291 689226
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      Tim Honnor - Piccolo Press - 90 Harbour Street - Nairn - IV12 4PG
      tel: 01667 454508 fax 01667 454509
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