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  • matthew lamoureux
    Here s photos of the caliper measurements and repacking results. It s just the first few photos.
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      Here's photos of the caliper measurements and repacking results. It's just the first few photos.


      The basic conclusion I've come to is based on the amount of packing I need to get a good solid print the plates and the bases are just fine. I'm thinking I can't put enough pressure on the plate and base together to get a good reading, otherwise I have no idea why it reads so high. With enough pressure I got the bases and plates to read .858 and .060 respectively. The final reading for the packing and stock was .048, just .001 over what it should be. Even at the correct height of everything I still have the issue with the plate sliding on the base. Taping all four sides of the plate to the chase/ base/ furniture stopped this.

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