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Re: crosspost: Last call for submissions for "Adventures in Letterpress"

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  • elumdesigns
    Brandon, Is it too late to submit? First I have heard about this was today. Brad Elum
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 4 4:21 PM

      Is it too late to submit? First I have heard about this was today.
      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, Blue Barnhouse <letpresslist@...> wrote:
      > Fellow listers,
      > FAME. There haven't been any books that we know of that have attempted
      > to show the whole breadth of contemporary letterpress, it is not very
      > likely that another will follow any time soon.
      > We haven't made any final decisions for most of the studios to be
      > included in our book on Contemporary Letterpress, called "Adventures
      > in Letterpress"-- A hard covered 178 page book published by Mark Batty
      > Publisher (www.markbattypublisher.com) , a very respectable publisher
      > of books in the world of design both here and in the UK.
      > However, I thought I'd list a few letterpress studios that will most
      > certainly be included in the book:
      > Hatch Show
      > Yee-Haw Industries
      > 9Spotmonk
      > Delphine
      > Shooting Star Press
      > Handcranked Letterpress
      > Studio on Fire
      > Oddball Press
      > Press NY
      > Hello Lucky
      > Stumptown Printers
      > Paper Monkey Press
      > Colin Frazier of the Press at Colorado College
      > Bowne & Company
      > There are countless more studios from all over the US and abroad,
      > including some heavy hitters/big names in the industry who have
      > submitted some fantastic designs that will be included in the book,
      > but I'll hold off from naming them, as the selection process is a
      > tedious one and we have yet to be in touch with these folks regarding
      > their acceptance.
      > Below are submission guidelines. Submission deadline is September
      > 1st. We will be contacting everyone regarding their submissions by
      > Sept 15.
      > We are looking for a wide variety of styles, from the elegant & simple
      > to the more edgy and complex, so if you know someone who might be
      > interested, please pass this information along, I am especially
      > interested in finding underground studios/artists that have so far
      > been under the radar.
      > Thanks,
      > Brandon Mise
      > Blue Barnhouse
      > Stage 1 Guidelines for Submission
      > 1. Please send no more than 6 images of your most innovative
      > letterpress projects to submissions@... Low res images
      > are okay and actually preferred for now. More images will be requested
      > if we like what we see.
      > 2. Send along a bio about you or your studio & contact information.
      > 3. Eventually we will need high quality photos of your work. Please do
      > not send work that is no longer available to be photographed using our
      > file guidelines (see below). If you are unable to take a professional
      > photo of your work, we will be able to take photos of a limited number
      > of artist's work provided you can send it to us.
      > 4. Letterpress can include but is not limited to posters, packaging,
      > books, art prints, business cards, greeting cards, etc.
      > 5. Seriously, don't send us pics of letterpressed wedding related
      > items. We're not interested and it lessens your chances of being
      > accepted.
      > 6. Mailed submissions of letterpress will also be acceptable, please
      > provide return postage if you would like your work returned to you.
      > Submissions can be mailed to:
      > Adventures in Letterpress
      > c/o Blue Barnhouse
      > 428-B Haywood Rd
      > Asheville, NC 28806
      > 8. Cutoff date for submissions is September 1st.
      > Publisher Guidelines
      > • You maintain the copyright to your Art and that it is your
      > intellectual property.
      > • You will not receive any monetary compensation from the Publisher
      > for your Art in connection with the Book.
      > • Your name and a brief bio will be included in the Book in order to
      > provide proper credit for your Art.
      > • Your Art can only be included in the Book if the related electronic
      > files can meet the technical
      > specifications defined by the Publisher. All files should be
      > uncompressed, at least 10x12 inches in
      > size and at a resolution of 300DPI.
      > • Upon publication of the Book you will receive one (1) copy for your
      > contribution.
      > This is a great opportunity for exposure. We look forward to seeing
      > what comes our way. Further questions can be directed to submissions@...
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