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Antique Cast Iron and Steel Wall Hanging Soap Press

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  • Steve Robison
    I was searching eBay for Antique Press and this popped up! Antique Cast Iron and Steel Wall Hanging Soap Press Obviously they don t know what they have,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2009
      I was searching eBay for "Antique Press" and this popped up!

      "Antique Cast Iron and Steel Wall Hanging Soap Press"

      Obviously they don't know what they have, but I thought it was a pretty creative and somewhat convincing piece on how this small rail press was used for making soap bars. But hey, soap bar making might be a new use for your rail press collection in a faultering economy !

      Anyway, I had a good laugh and sent in a comment to let them know it was really an early card printing rail press instead.

      Click on the link below to see the listing...BTW, I'm not selling it or promoting it, I just offer the link to show you how they have mistaken it's use.


      Hmmmm. I wonder what other uses my Vandercook or C&P could be used for??
      Small paving stones??

      Best wishes,


      Steve Robison
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