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Re: platemaker maintenance, many questions

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  • Gerald Lange
    ... machines, how ... separately, or ... mold or ... water and ... Brian I ve only worked on a Polimero once but I assume there are some standard practices for
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 13, 2002
      --- In PPLetterpress@y..., "Brian Molanphy" <bmolanphy@c...> wrote:
      > hi folks,
      > we have a polimero platemaker. those of you with all-in-one
      machines, how
      > often do you change the washout water? is there a trick to cleaning the
      > tank without removing the brushes? do you clean the brushes
      separately, or
      > are they too delicate? do you put anything in the water to prevent
      mold or
      > to improve the washout? do you fill your tank to just the tip of the
      > brushes, or higher? and finally what is the temperature of your
      water and
      > the temperature of your dryer?
      > thanks! brian


      I've only worked on a Polimero once but I assume there are some
      standard practices for most of the machines.

      I flush the system at the end of the day or if the bath has become
      quite opaque. I don't remove the brushes on my unit, just rub my hand
      around on them to loosen the waste matter. Best not to spray wash them
      or disturb the bristle pattern. Some machines close down on the
      brushes at all times. If yours does, best not to close it when not in
      use, but instead, use a piece of three-eight inch acetate to cover
      over the bath area-let the brushes dry out first!!!. The cover also
      allows the bath to heat up quickly and between use (thoughout the day)
      will maintain the temperature of the bath somewhat.

      I've seen some machines where the bath was not flushed on a regular
      basis and they were full of organics (mould or algae or whatever)
      living off the waste matter. And stunk. Since the waste itself
      consists of organic matter (carbon molecules), best to flush it out of
      there. Once things start growing they are hard to get rid of. I use a
      cup of distilled vinegar in the bath but only to keep mineral deposits
      down and to add a bit of acidity to the bath. Mecuric (sp?) acid can be occasionally run in the bath for cleaning (check with the manufacturer).
      The Polimero URL is in the Links section here.

      Keep the bath water about a quarter of an inch above the brushes.

      Temperatures are somewhat dependent upon the plate (thickness,
      manufactuer recommendations, etc). Get the technical sheets from the

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