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9927Re: [PPLetterpress] Imagesetter and Jacob

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  • Lamsland
    Jul 7 6:45 AM
      The one thing I've not seen mentioned in this string of discussion,
      and not sure if it's come up before, is the cost to recycle the
      hazardous waste produced by the processor. Rapid Access films, which
      are most common, are a silver based emulsion. They require a
      processor with separate developer and fixer tanks. Hand developing is
      not recommended. Because of the level of silver left behind in the
      waste fixer it is considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of
      properly. The developer in labeled as non-hazardous, but it's not
      something you want to be dumping down the drain and should be
      disposed of properly. There are systems out there that will remove
      the silver contaminant from the waste fixer, and you can actually get
      paid for the silver left behind, but most cities and state will still
      not let you put the waste down the drain. You'll need to check with
      your local DEP or recycling company to be sure.

      Matthew "LAMMY" Lamoureux
      Full Metal Press - Operis servo a specialis nundinae

      On Jul 6, 2008, at 1:18 AM, Amber Ellis-Seguine wrote:

      > I was wonder if Jacob is out there. I was searching the archives
      > regarding imagesetters and I would love to chat with you about the
      > information you have gathered.
      > I am sure this is a topic that is beat like a dead horse on the site,
      > the archives however are a bit light when it comes to actual facts,
      > more of it seems to be you should or should not get one. I am curious
      > as to exactly how they work. My EXTREMELY limited knowledge and
      > understanding is....plug it into a computer, use RIP software, push
      > print and get a negative! I also don't understand the sizes of such
      > machines, 2up 4up 8up? How much should a used one be? I have seen them
      > online anywhere from 1000 to 10000, and new for 50K. That seems like
      > such a wide range.
      > If this is an annoying topic that keeps coming up feel free to
      > contact me off list. Otherwise let the knowledge sharing begin!
      > Thank you so much,
      > Amber
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