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9924Re: [PPLetterpress] Imagesetter and Jacob

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  • Jacob Groth
    Jul 6, 2008
      Hi Amber,

      Just got to reading my emails and saw your post. I read some of the other
      responses and they are pretty much in line with what I found out in my
      preliminary investigations. Everyone's situation is different and so it
      will ultimately come down to how much time you want to invest in this stage
      of the process. If you believe you will be needing to produce large volumes
      of negatives and can justify the investment of time to learn how to use and
      maintain the equipment, then there are definitely some good deals out there.
      I found that the cost of purchasing the equipment was not much, if anything.
      As previously mentioned in another post, most professional firms are taking
      advantage of the newer computer-to-plate technology.

      For me, the trouble of maintenance was more than I wanted to get involved
      with. If your ultimate goal is to spend most of your time in actual
      printing, then I would recommend outsourcing your negatives and/or plates
      and save yourself some time to spend investing in your printing skills.
      Additionally, as has been the case in all technology, everything will
      eventually become affordable in the future. So, I wouldn't be surprised
      that in 5 years or so we'll have the means to either make negatives or even
      plates directly from our desktop.

      Jacob Groth
      El Dorado Hills, CA

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      Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2008 10:18 PM
      Subject: [PPLetterpress] Imagesetter and Jacob

      I was wonder if Jacob is out there. I was searching the archives
      regarding imagesetters and I would love to chat with you about the
      information you have gathered.

      I am sure this is a topic that is beat like a dead horse on the site,
      the archives however are a bit light when it comes to actual facts,
      more of it seems to be you should or should not get one. I am curious
      as to exactly how they work. My EXTREMELY limited knowledge and
      understanding is....plug it into a computer, use RIP software, push
      print and get a negative! I also don't understand the sizes of such
      machines, 2up 4up 8up? How much should a used one be? I have seen them
      online anywhere from 1000 to 10000, and new for 50K. That seems like
      such a wide range.

      If this is an annoying topic that keeps coming up feel free to
      contact me off list. Otherwise let the knowledge sharing begin!

      Thank you so much,
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