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9807Re: Material for Platemaker

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  • Casey McGarr
    May 24, 2008

      Yes, a bit more organic. A roll of rubylith is pretty cheap so it wouldn't be costly to
      experiment. My wife also does illustrations and I thought this may be a good medium for
      both of use.

      It certainly cannot replace fine printing of typography but rather another medium could be interesting.

      A friend of mine Dirk Fowler uses gasket material to make images (not using
      photopolymer) and then mounts it to a particle board and prints. He does great poster
      work. He also said he'll cut up cheap place mats and mount to a base. http://www.f2-

      Thanks for the information Gerald, I keep you posted.


      > Casey
      > I use Rubylith and Amberlith for masking out elements (for different
      > exposure times of different elements from the same film negative) so I
      > assume you could. Don't know how the exposed area of the photopolymer
      > would react naked to the Kreene but it wouldn't take long to find out.
      > Are thinking of a paper cut look to the images?
      > Gerald
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