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9787Re: Material to make large printing blocks

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  • briannqueen
    May 8, 2008
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      I was excited to see your post about this new material that was
      thick enough to be planed down to type high. The website showed what
      appeared to be a solid dense plastic, so I quickly found the
      distributor and then a store that sold the product, but unfortunately
      it's not suitable for printing. It's most common use is as a
      replacement for lumber to make decks, one side is smooth while the
      other side has a faux wood grain finish, however even the smooth side
      is covered with very fine pits. It appears as though it's a mixture
      of plastic and sawdust or some kind of filler to reduce costs, but it
      was worth a try!


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Erik Desmyter"
      <erik.desmyter@...> wrote:
      > Brian,
      > I normally start with an end mill which works only in X & Y on a
      depth of
      > for example 5mm and this one takes away most material and does
      first the
      > rough work. In the last finishing step I use a 60 degree V-bits for
      all the
      > edges and fine details and this one goes three dimensional X, Y &
      Z because
      > you need the fragile sharp top of the V-bit to cut out the sharp
      edges and
      > small details. I use several softwares including signmaking
      software very
      > similar to ArtCam to finally come to a WinPC-NC file on which this
      > CNC-router runs.
      > Buying large panels of new Corian is indeed a problem but some
      > fabricators are selling their scrap on eBay at reduced prices and
      some less
      > popular colors can go really cheap. In Europe there are some
      companies where
      > you can order cut to size panels in all the different colors but
      this is
      > still expensive. Another possibility could be 1 ΒΌ" thick PVC which
      is used
      > as a replacement for wood like this AZEK To Mill (ATM) which is
      made in
      > sheet sizes of 4 ft x 8 ft:
      > http://www.azek.com/viewProduct.php?id=12
      > I don't know this ATM material here in Europe and haven't tested it
      but it
      > looks interesting at first sight and is probably cheaper than
      > Regards,
      > Erik
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