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9786Re: PPWeirdness (dampening follow up)

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  • kringds
    May 8, 2008
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      Hi Gerald,

      I was browsing the archives on dampening paper and came across your post below in
      which you seem suprised at the dampening of Lettra. Could you tell me why you were

      I am getting ready to print a job on 32# lettra and am debating if I should dampen the
      paper. I will be printing on polymer plates with primarily line art with black ink.

      I have dampened heavier weight paper before with good results but I am wondering if it
      makes sense for a lighter weight paper. I assume it does. Could you or anyone with
      experience let me know their opinion on this?

      As always, thanks for the help and advice.

      bryan kring

      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Gerald Lange" <Bieler@...> wrote:
      > Probably. I still have demon catchers hanging from the ceiling, though
      > I have taken down all the tribute images of Moloch.
      > Dampened Lettra!!! Interesting.
      > Gerald
      > http://BielerPress.blogspot.com
      > >
      > > Yes. As noted I've had plenty of good luck before Mercury retrograde
      > started ;-)
      > > These little 'antelope' greeting cards were done with the 'old'
      > yellow pp... ( dampened Lettra on the V219)
      > >
      > http://www.exquisiteletterpress.com/cards/exquisitegreetingcards/archive/samples/
      > >
      > > Maybe it's the wrong Moon sign for platemaking?
      > >
      > > Ciao
      > > p
      > >
      > >
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