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  • Erik Desmyter
    May 4, 2008
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      I normally start with an end mill which works only in X & Y on a depth of
      for example 5mm and this one takes away most material and does first the
      rough work. In the last finishing step I use a 60 degree V-bits for all the
      edges and fine details and this one goes three dimensional X, Y & Z because
      you need the fragile sharp top of the V-bit to cut out the sharp edges and
      small details. I use several softwares including signmaking software very
      similar to ArtCam to finally come to a WinPC-NC file on which this
      CNC-router runs.

      Buying large panels of new Corian is indeed a problem but some authorized
      fabricators are selling their scrap on eBay at reduced prices and some less
      popular colors can go really cheap. In Europe there are some companies where
      you can order cut to size panels in all the different colors but this is
      still expensive. Another possibility could be 1 ΒΌ" thick PVC which is used
      as a replacement for wood like this AZEK To Mill (ATM) which is made in
      sheet sizes of 4 ft x 8 ft:
      I don't know this ATM material here in Europe and haven't tested it but it
      looks interesting at first sight and is probably cheaper than Corian.


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      Thank you for posting that video. Do you use the v-bit for all
      your cutting or do you start with end mills? Also what programs are
      you using? I have a friend that makes brass dies for foil printing
      and he uses ArtCAM. I've watched him program images and text a number
      of times and it seemed fairly simple. The cost of ArtCAM of course is
      a problem.
      I just acquired a piece of Corian after hearing from another
      artist that it prints well. Other than its cost it seems to be the
      perfect candidate since it's designed to be machinable. Here in North
      America it's only sold to authorized fabricators who don't normally
      sell it in sheet form. A laminate of 6mm Corian and MDF planed to
      type high could be the perfect match combined with CNC technology, no
      variation in qualities or grain to worry about. I see on Wikipedia
      that Corian has several competitors, who I'm guessing may be cheaper.
      I'm also experimenting with 3mm white styrene sheet laminated to MDF
      which is considerably less expensive.
      Keep us posted on your progress and thank you for the pictures and
      video, they have inspired me!

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