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  • Fritz Klinke
    Oct 17, 2002
      Hal Sterne, one of the former owners of Vandercook and NA Graphics, has been
      working on a history of Vandercook and I will be assisting him this winter
      in furnishing material from the Vandercook records. I have most of the
      information Imke is asking about, but it is not in a form that can be shared
      with people yet. I am happy to share information on specific questions, and
      look up serial numbers, etc., but on an available time basis.

      All of the Vandercook records are within a few feet of my desk and fill 19
      file cabinets, plus we have several of the newer model presses on hand so
      that we can go to a specific press and address a problem with the press in
      front of us. The #4 is out there in such numbers that I have most of the
      blueprints for that press in a file folder so I can answer questions.

      Vandercooks are still used by a lot of people besides the limited edition,
      fine press/printer group. I have a Universal I in the shop now that belongs
      to International Paper Co. We have companies like WestvacoMead that own 14
      Vandercooks, and they are in daily use. I keep at my desk several vintage
      Vandercook catalogs so I can answer specific questions, but I am not
      prepared to go much further than that just based on what time I have
      available. And, we have a number of customers who purchased their
      Vandercooks new back in the 60s and are still using them. Any special order
      presses from the 60s and 70s have a file folder devoted to the changes
      ordered by the customer, and that information is available. Unfortunately,
      most of the company correspondence files did not survive, and I can only
      speculate what has been dumped by any of the owners previous to me. I'm a
      pack rat and keep everything, and plan to pass it all along someday when we
      need to move out of the business. I did give a slide show at the Denver APA
      conference in June that had about 125 pictures from the Vandercook
      photograph collection that we have, and I will be giving it again in Denver
      at Thanksgiving time.

      Fritz Klinke, NA Graphics
      1314 Greene Street, P.O. Box 467
      Silverton, Colorado 81433 USA
      970-387-0212, fax 970-387-0127

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      Subject: [PPLetterpress] Re: Vandercook models

      > Dear List -
      > is there a good source for concise description of the different
      > models - especially the early ones and the SP-15?
      > Or if anyone would like to offer their expertise..
      > Thank you again!
      > Imke Lewis
      > The Petrarch Press


      Over the years Vandercook put out a lot of information on their
      presses. Most of this is now quite fugitive. The only online source
      for information that I can think of is the archives of the old _Type
      & Press_ publication. The following article, in particular, might be
      helpful to you.


      The current popularity of the Vandercook was initially driven by the
      market abandonment of the SP (15, 20) and Universal (I, III) models.
      I wrote an article in one of the early issues of _Parenthesis_ on the
      history of edition printing with the Vandercook (I think this issue
      is still in print and available from


      The earlier models, 3, 4, 219 etc had different inking/roller systems
      that I believe prevented them from capturing the attention of fine
      printers, though once the Vandercook became popular (by the mid-70s)
      these earlier models began to be used for edition work as well.


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