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  • Gerald Lange
    Apr 1, 2008
      Posting netiquette and related concerns.

      Please make sure your postings fit the scope of this group site (as
      indicated in the group description):

      PPLetterpress is a forum and clearinghouse on studio-letterpress and
      letterpress-related typography. While the subject focus is on printing
      with digital type and the photopolymer plate process, the group site
      also encompasses other related investigative and exploratory printing
      and typographic techniques, as well as historical and contemporary
      letterpress practices and concerns.

      Use an appropriate descriptive subject header (no blanks or daily
      digest headers). If you are cross-posting across several lists or
      forwarding a message indicate this in the subject header.

      Please consider your fellow group members when posting. Stay on topic
      and avoid posting privately-intended replies to the entire group. If
      you are replying to a post remove all unnecessary commentary, Yahoo
      add-ons, and remnants of previous posts to the thread. The moderators
      will remove unsubstantial postings such as blank replies, duplicates,
      spam, automated responses, me toos, as well as off subject and
      frivolous chat. Repeat violators will be put on moderated status.
      Please refrain from posting equipment for sale items not your own,
      such as ebay or craigslist referrals.

      DO NOT post virulent personal attacks against another member or
      messages intended to disrupt the group. Sniping and other antagonistic
      posting practices will not be tolerated. Offenders will be subject to
      removal from the group. Note also that contacting other group members
      off list for the purpose of solicitation or harassment is a violation
      of the Yahoo! TOS and could result in the loss of your Yahoo ID and
      other legal action.

      Please do not conduct business transactions via posting. If you have a
      product or service for sale that fits within the parameters of the
      group's intention you may certainly announce this but transactions
      should be kept private. Note: We have a Files feature that allows
      members to upload PDFs and other downloadable files of materials and
      equipment for sale, book announcements, and the like. There is also a
      Photos feature that allows members to upload image files (gifs, jpegs)
      they would like to share.

      DO NOT post group-related problems to the membership. Instead, contact
      and we will do our best to help you.

      Note that e-mail attachments or incorporated images are not allowed
      and are stripped automatically from any postings. Use the Files or
      Photos features to upload materials you would normally attach to an

      The PPL Moderators

      This file is sent on an occasional basis to the membership. For future
      reference, it is located in the Files section of the site.