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9460Re: [PPLetterpress] platemaking issues

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  • Gary Mordhorst
    Mar 6 5:55 AM
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      Hello Cody,

      The issue is that the offset plate maker has a pin point light system. This type of light will cause a letterpress plate to not have the shoulder, which provides strength to the type form. A commercial photopolymer plate maker uses a bank of high UV bulbs, exposing the plate with a variety of angles of light. This diffused light source creates the shoulder on the type, and provides plate strength.

      You are going to find that small items, such as periods and dot on lower case "i"s drop off during the course of the press run.

      The light needs to be diffused, but I do not feel that there is any safe way to diffuse the NuArc's lamp.

      Best Regards,

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      From: itsfancyletterpress
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      Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 7:16 AM
      Subject: [PPLetterpress] platemaking issues

      I am super new to platemaking but things have gone smoothly except for one issue.

      The kreen went on easily. I created a framework to wrap it around and used the original
      hardware to affix the screen to the frame of my small Nuarc fliptop platemaker. I am hand
      washing out the plates and outside of the time spent with the nylon brush it is not too

      I have had fun exposing small sample pieces and recording the exposure times so I know
      what to expect from the platemaker.

      The problem is on all of my plates the side walls of the letters are at a 90 degree angle to the
      letters top surface. The ones I purchase have an angled slope.

      My question is how do I get my plate to taper more? I am using a Jet plate 152 and a boxcar
      deep relief base on my C&P's. I would love to get this problem fixed tonight because I hae
      spent a large fortune overthe years purchasing finished plates from vendors.

      It's Fancy Letterpress Studio

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