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946Re: Line Art Challenge

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  • Gerald Lange
    Oct 4, 2002

      A bit further comment on this:

      I don't trust in the notion that a high resolution scanner alone will
      do the job for you, the higher the better, etc., and that's that.
      Certainly hi-rez will help but not if you rely solely on it. If you
      are going to print the image letterpress you have to get it to a
      state where it will replicate exactingly despite all the additional
      problems associated with presswork; ink gain, impression.

      This requires a bit of handwork; thinning the weighty strokes,
      rebuilding the thin strokes, incorporating ink traps (breaking
      curves, bracketing tight angles, etc), and when possible, the
      construction of inking supports and drains. If you do it right and
      enlarge the piece at all, it will look a bit odd. But the proof is in
      the printing. I find this to be a very intuitive process and relying on
      mathematics and exact pixel configuration isn't actually going to get
      you to where you need to be.

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