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945Re: Line Art Challenge

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  • Gerald Lange
    Oct 4, 2002
      > A while back, there was a discussion on this list about scanning either
      > grayscale or color artwork and using Photoshop tools to turn the image into
      > really nice, clean line art. At least I think that was what we read about. I
      > can't seem to find those messages now. Can someone refresh my memory about
      > the technique involved?


      > Katie Harper
      > Ars Brevis Press
      > Cincinnati, OH
      > 513-233-9588
      > http://www.arsbrevispress.com


      The thread ran in and out from message 775 into the early 800s with a
      follow up or two.

      I believe what you are inquiring about was Mark Attwood's recipe for
      reworking color scans into line work. It works quite well in that
      regard but I have not had similar results with grayscales of line
      art. I've found the "unsharp" feature he discussed seems to
      "splinter" the line work if there is not enough tonal gradation to
      begin with. I've found a reverse procedure, slight application of
      blurring filters, works better in that regard.

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