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944Line Art Challenge

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  • Katie Harper
    Oct 4 12:35 PM
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      A while back, there was a discussion on this list about scanning either
      grayscale or color artwork and using Photoshop tools to turn the image into
      really nice, clean line art. At least I think that was what we read about. I
      can't seem to find those messages now. Can someone refresh my memory about
      the technique involved? I have an old Victorian print that a customer wants
      me to turn into line art for a letterpress plate. My thinking right now is
      that the most successful method will be to simply redraw the image, tracing
      over it. However, I'm stumped as to what to do with the subtle tonalities of
      grays. Perhaps doing a sort of wood cut effect to render the gray tones
      would be an option.

      Any other suggestions? If you email me offlist, I can send you a PDF of the
      scanned artwork, if that will help.


      Katie Harper
      Ars Brevis Press
      Cincinnati, OH
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