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  • Dave Allen
    Mar 1, 2008
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      Hi Lisa,
      I don't happen to agree. I think he was a blow hard who happened to have
      influential friends that got his work preserved. His writings remind me
      very much of the mindless blogs that clutter the internet today.
      Usually they are written by people who, for some unknown reason, think
      their opinion is more valuable than anyone else's. He was the Britney
      Spears of his generation. Our opinion of his era has been shaped by his
      scatological ramblings and I, for one, think more of the general
      populace than that. Perhaps I am a romantic.

      Lisa Davidson wrote:
      >> Dave,
      > I don't get the Pepys reference. Is he not a wonderful source, or do
      > you mean he's just not contemporary?
      > Sorry,
      > Lisa
      >>> The thing to remember is that blogging has been going on for
      >> centuries
      >>> but only those important enough to be re-read have been printed.
      >> I am
      >>> referring, of course, to diarists, a wonderful source of
      >> contemporary
      >>> material for historians, Samuel Pepys aside <grin>.
      >>> Dave

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