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9231Call for assistance in a bookbinding project.

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  • Warren Gailbreath, Jr.
    Jan 22, 2008
      I have accepted a job from a customer which will involve putting 8
      page signatures into 5 or 6 separate Hard Case bound books using a
      brown imitation leather.

      This job was done by a local book binder that went out of business
      after the owner became too old to operate it.

      I will admit my lack of exercising good judgement on this, as I have
      never bound a book of this type involving sewing and cover

      I have purchased and read some recommended books on the subject and
      feel as though I can tackle this.

      I am certain I will come up against something, that will require
      consultation with an experienced person of this trade.

      If any experienced persons would be willing to field questions from
      me during this project it would help put me at ease.

      I have let the customer know that I cannot zip through this project,
      will need quite a bit of time, and they have agreed to this.

      So, if anybody would be willing to help, please email me at

      I promise that I will make every effort to complete this project with
      minimal interruption to anybody willing to assist me.

      Warren Gailbreath,Jr.
      Southwest Finishing,Inc.
      Ft.Worth, Texas
      APA #800