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905Re: [PPLetterpress] Page border-ornament examples

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  • The Indian Hill Press
    Sep 10, 2002
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      William Addison Dwiggins designed some Deco-style piece ornaments, as
      well as several dozen lovely borders which he called his Caravan
      series, for Linotype. They've been digitized, I believe by Adobe. You
      can see them in the original metal if you own a late edition of the
      Linotype red specimen book or one of the supplements.

      Dan Waters
      Indian Hill Press

      >I'm working on a job that is going to require a very light, tasteful page
      >border or ornament to be letterpress printed on each page of the book. It
      >should be delicate but neither feminine nor masculine. Hard to explain, but
      >I know I have seen examples, just can't think where. I have a few things in
      >metal that might work, but most are heavier and more ornate in style than
      >what I need, so I'll probably end up doing it digitally and making a plate.
      >I have looked through all my books about books, printing, design, etc., and
      >cannot find any examples of these types of things. Can anyone recommend
      >books or other sources where I might find examples of this type of thing?
      >Katie Harper
      >Ars Brevis Press
      >Cincinnati, OH
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