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893Re: Digital Simulation? (was: RE: [PPLetterpress] Digest Number 254)

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  • Sue Clancy
    Sep 4, 2002
      Hi all,

      As a former digital addict (I've a BFA in fine art with an emphasis in graphic
      design) - I gotta admit I've fallen back in love with 'the human touch' after years
      of work as a 'graphics' person. So much so that some 5 years back I decided that I
      could no longer stomach my job as a graphic designer/pre-press person at a local
      printing press. (I couldn't contribute to the landfill by creating slick coated
      mass-produced things that had a very very short shelf life - things like media
      guides for sporting events etc.)
      I quit and went to work for myself - making hand made stuff. I won't go into the
      long-winded list of what all I'm doing now, but I LOVE seeing other artists
      letterpress work! I LOVE seeing original pen and ink illustrations. I LOVE doing
      pen and ink illustrations and 're-producing' them via woodcuts or linocuts!
      There's nothing better than getting your hands dirty and making something with a
      personal flavor (both in the creation of, and the reading/looking.)
      There's also nothing better than looking at something someone made with the sweat
      of their brow.
      And there's no better feeling - for me anyway - than after having worked a hard
      days work, settling down in my easy chair with a cold beer knowing that I exerted
      myself body, mind and spirit and that I gave it my all!


      bielerpr wrote:

      > > There is no question in my mind that the application of computers and
      > > digitalization to the graphic arts is in its infancy. Although imitating=
      > > little lead castings is one possibility, the ultimate use of this technol=ogy
      > > has not yet even been imagined.
      > HI David
      > Well thought out, but I just have a guestion or two I'd like to pose
      > in regard to your last statement here. Perhaps this needs to be
      > considered?
      > I recently read on that statistical page in Harper's that the
      > majority of humans living on the planet have never used a telephone.
      > This is an interesting statistic don't you think? What does that say
      > for the notion of unimpeded progress for digital technology in a
      > world where most folks don't participate? Especially considering that
      > our material resources are not infinite and economic decline is
      > almost inevitable? (In eight years we will reach the half way point
      > in exploiting the earth's "possible" bio mass—another debatable
      > statistic but this revealed from the oil industry itself). So,
      > perhaps digital technology is not in its infancy, but already in its
      > middle age???
      > I suppose I sound like a Luddite. I'd like to think I'm not. But to
      > put our faith in a continuous technological progress (in which very
      > few of us, or any of us, actually play a part) may not exactly be a
      > desirable, or realizable, goal.
      > I suspect what I have said here would then tend to diminish the value
      > of our letterpress work here and now... perhaps. Perhaps not. We do
      > live in the here and now. And what we do here and now is what we have
      > to offer the future. Just as we were informed by the past, that is also
      > what we have to give over. We worked with our hands, and our minds, and
      > our hearts. Is that too small a message to send to the future?
      > Gerald
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